Thia Megia Sings ‘Out Here On My Own’ on American Idol Top 24

15-year-old Thia Megia showcased her vocal prowess with her rendition of "Out Here On My Own" during American Idol's Top 12 Girls performance night.

Randy Jackson said “Your tone reminded me so much of the late great Michael Jackson. This is what hot singing is about.”

Steven Tyler said “Sometimes a persons pitch can be perfect and yours was. That was beautiful.”

Jennifer Lopez said “It was a quiet moment and beautiful. It was really really special.”

I think it’s a very good song choice for our very own Thia Megia. This is the kind of songs that Simon Cowell would like to hear if ever he’s still on Idol. And as for her rendition, it’s nice to hear that she has control with her voice now compared to her America’s Got Talent days.

Based from the crowd’s reception and the judges’ critiques on her, I have a feeling she will get through to the next round.

Watch the video here:

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    malungkot ako kasi mas late timeslot na ang imortal last priority talaga ang imortal but for me the best parin yan imortal para sa akin number 1 yan sa puso ko at hindi ako bibitiw sana kayo rin please.***

  2. 😀

  3. QuamiSalami // March 4, 2011 at 12:26 pm //

    Everyone here please stop hating each other…
    Let’s all be good at heart…
    Throw the negative vibes away…

  4. kalpolmeth // March 4, 2011 at 11:21 am //

    congratz thia, galingan mo pa, maxado magagaling ang kalaban, sayang di nakapasok si clint, dapat bingyan sya ng chance, pinalaki lang ang issue pero sure ako mabait din yun., mas magaling pa sya kkaysa kay stefano, well maganda na rin on the other side dahil hikndi na hati at full support na ang mga pilipino kan sa america para bumoto

  5. nice thia.,.cute mu,,.

  6. She’s in at top 10 !!! Congrats thia

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  8. Anonymous // March 4, 2011 at 9:33 am //

    alex g is A paid destroyer!!!! Sanay yan sa Demolition JOB!!!! AT SANAY Din ang ABS CBN dyan!!!be fair KUPALMILYUCKS!!!

    I LOVE U THIA!!!!

  9. alex – if u r in charge , behave yourself. don’t be a nuisance

  10. nice performance…. love it

  11. Go alex use your right for freedom of expression // March 4, 2011 at 7:56 am //

    Alex G has freedom he used only his freedom of expression this is democracy everyone is entitle of his opinion go alex it is your right nobody can impede you in doing things like comments. Go imortal go alex G. We loved you..

  12. thiafanshere // March 4, 2011 at 3:16 am //

    you are simply amazing proud of being a part of your race and culture thia

  13. the moderator is not here,

    im the one in charge.


  14. what the f— ! off topic na ang mga comments , paulit ulit pa !
    wake up MOD !!!

  15. :'(

  16. @47,49

    sure, i love thia too..

    i’ll call you “NUMBER23″


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