Clint Jun Gamboa – 2nd Pinoy on American Idol?

We know that Thia Megia is currently doing well on American Idol but do we have another pinoy contestant this year?

It’s not yet confirmed if Clint Jun Gamboa is Pinoy but there are several hints on his YouTube videos that he might be. He is a Karaoke host from Longbeach, California.

During group round in Hollywood, Clint Jun Gamboa performs “Get Ready” together with 3 other aspirants. The belting-pinoy-looking contestant (the one with the white eyeglasses) gets the shock of his life when Steven Tyler asked the three to step forward leaving him behind only to find out that all four of them made it through.

Jennifer Lopez said “Come’on Jun you know you’re going through!”

Clint Jun was easily the best among the four and he knows he’s a good singer.

Watch the video here:

4 Comments on Clint Jun Gamboa – 2nd Pinoy on American Idol?

  1. I don’t understand Flips. Anyone Flip on Idol is “the best”. Well I guess its like blacks voting for Obama because he is just black. Anyways, this guy was a pompus prick and I am so happy he got voted off. Anyone other than Flips vote for him? Don’t get me wrong there are some good Flip singers like Arnel Pineda, but this guy needs to just go away and stick to karaoke. American Idol is also a popularity contest and this guy just isn’t popular outside of the Flip community.

  2. emergencydr80 // March 5, 2011 at 9:23 am //

    God finally answered my prayer. Clint Jun Gamboa, the nerdy arrogant b******d is booted out of American Idol Season 10. Woohoo!!!! 😀

  3. Yang c Clint Jun na yan? OK lng kahit bading e, labs ko mga badaf, super! Kaso sama ng ugali nyan! Elibs sa sarili sobra! Khit alam mo na magaling kang kumanta, konting low pro nmn! Pinoy yan pero mukang mongols! Inapi nyan c Jaycee B. Pinaiyak nya ung bata kaya ayaw ko yan! C Thia ang dapat suportahan at sobrang bait ng itsura. Bait bait na bata sobra! Ibagsak c Clint! ahihihi…

  4. i love american idol // February 27, 2011 at 9:49 am //

    si melissa lucas pinay din na nakasama sa hollywood round..

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