Spider-Man Joins the Fantastic 4

After the death of Human Torch, your friendly neighborhood superhero will join the Fantastic group!

After the demise of Fantastic Four member–Human Torch (aka Johnny Storm)–last month (CLICK HERE FOR RELATED ARTICLE), Marvel’s well-loved super group is changing its name and adding a new member.

And it’s not just any superhero, I might add, because the new addition to the group is no other than Spider-Man!

The group is dishing their old name as they will now be called “The Future Foundation.” (Although I still like the name “Fantastic Four” since they are still four naman di ba?)

Starting in FF issue No. 1, Spidey will join Mr. Fantastic, The Thing and the Invisible Woman in a bid to protect the Marvel universe from new threats, Marvel said Wednesday.

The first issue, written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Steve Epting, is due out March 23.

8 Comments on Spider-Man Joins the Fantastic 4

  1. pinataob at pina tumba pina bagsak ni Angel Locsin si regine velasques sa IMORTAL ang taas ng rating kahit anung programa e tapat sa imortal natatalo talaga hanggat my imortal mananalo parin ang abs-cbn sa primetime. To GMA wait nyo nalang matapos ang imortal tiyak panalo naman kayo.

  2. I agree with dagitab.
    thanks marvel for being oh so creative and exchanging human torch with a super ego.

    spidey is a one-man team. and he typically has a different story. hahays…=/

  3. Imortal- Number one // February 11, 2011 at 10:51 am //

    Welcome to he club spiderman…. galing nung 3 episodes na si tobey maguire dati bakit ba papalitan sya?

  4. That’s just bullcr**! They killed HT for a spider-mutant?!?! Magandang pampasira ng araw yan, in fairness.

  5. Go Spidey!

  6. kapuso ang no.1 nag comment na yan. Ginagawa nya yan para mainis ang mga tao dito sa fans ni angel locsin.

  7. imortal sucks // February 10, 2011 at 4:02 pm //

    to (1) gang dito ba nmn imortal pa din kinocoment muh? nuh ba yan ganyan k b kababaw? di k matahmik jan cguro tambay k lang nuh at walang pinag aralan kya madali kang nauuto ng mga artista!!!! kawawa k nmn

  8. imortal the best paring hanggang ngayon // February 10, 2011 at 2:43 pm //

    i really love imortal as in grabe thanks abs for this wonderful and superb teleserye. I could say IMORTAL is one of your best for a decade. Love it

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