MYXPOSED Airs ‘Much Has Been Said’ Docu (The Story of Bamboo)

The story of Bamboo to be featured on MYXPOSED.

MYX, the No. 1 music channel in the Philippines, proudly airs MYXposed: Much Has Been Said (The Story Of Bamboo), a 30-minute documentary featuring the story behind the phenomenal success and recent disbandment of one of the most influential bands in the country, on January 29, Saturday, 12 p.m.

Bamboo is considered as one of the most popular Filipino rock bands which has surfaced after the great local alternative music in the Philippines was born. With Bamboo’s two hit albums entitled As The Music Plays and Light Peace Love, which contain both of their hit singles “Noypi” and “Hallelujah,” the band gave birth to songs with inspiring fanatical anthems.

Fans were saddened as lead vocalist Bamboo Mañalac posted a statement posted on their official website. He said their decision to disband was not easy. “As a group we’ve come to a point where you have to trust your gut, your heart and your head and accept that all things change. The hardest part as always is to know when to pack it up and part ways.”

Bamboo was founded in 2002 by Bamboo Mañalac and Nathan Azarcon who are both former members of Rivermaya. When Bamboo came home from the U.S., Nathan introduced him to guitarist Ira Cruz and drummer Vic Mercado who had played in Passage before and the rest was history.

Catch MYXposed: Much Has Been Said (The Story Of Bamboo) on January 29 at 12 p.m., only on the No. 1 Music Channel in the Philippines, MYX.

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  1. please air this episode again .. i was not able to watch this.. i was taking my board exam that time.. please.. please.. bamboo.. roocckkkss…

  2. Bamboo rocks!!!!!

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