Taylor Swift – ‘Back to December’ Music Video

Reportedly a song for her ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner, "Back to December" is Taylor Swift's second single off her new album Speak Now.

“Back to December” was written solely by Swift. According to the country sensation, “Back to December” is the first time she ever apologizes to someone in a song, something that she never did before. Upon its release as a promotional single, critics speculated that the song is about Taylor Lautner, Swift’s ex-boyfriend, although neither Swift nor Lautner has confirmed nor denied these allegations.

The song’s accompanying music video was directed by Yoann Lemoine, which laments the aftermath of a break-up between Swift and her boyfriend during one snowy morning.

Watch the music video here:

3 Comments on Taylor Swift – ‘Back to December’ Music Video

  1. walang tatalo sa imortal astig ang galing talaga teleserye of the decade ito wow na wow congrats angel locsin

  2. weLL, the lyrics touches my heart… it’s a true heartbreak and i think the song will be more touching if you watch the video… love you taylor 🙂

  3. This video is really good. Very touching and hearfelt. But I also think that the song Last kiss is every more moving and heartwrenching. I feel that is also about Taylor Lautner. You can just feel the pain the she is feeling over losing him. I love Taylor Lautner and wish him all the very best with whomever makes him happy. I do wish that he could reach out to Swift and forgive her for whatever she did to him so she can get past the biggest mistake of her life by letting him get away.

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