Stylish Sisters Splurge on METRO Magazine’s ‘Singapore Style Flyaway’

Sisters won a holiday vacation in Singapore just by reading METRO Magazine.

Reading Metro Magazine, the country’s premiere fashion magazine, has always been the habit of chic Katrina Lopez. With the wide and updated variety of fashion trends, to do’s and pros Metro offers, Katrina always consult her sense of style with the top-selling magazine. She never thought that someday, her fascination with Metro will bring her to an unforgettable, stylish and definitely fabulous holiday escapade.

Katrina and her sister Karryl flew to Singapore for a holiday vacation recently, after winning the Metro Singapore Style Reader Promo. Adventurous tours, exquisite dining experience and endless shopping were only few of the activities the Lopez sisters gorged.

Together with the diligent Metro team, Katrina and Karryl felt extreme suspense as they toured Singapore’s Night Safari. They also enjoyed some of Hollywood films’` must-see landscapes at the Universal Studios.

If there’s one historic yet relaxing place in Singapore, it must be in Sentosa dubbed as “Asia’s Favorite Playground.” Alongside these activities are the Duck tours and authentic Singapore-style dining.

What can be more exciting than endless shopping? With the US$500 pocket money Metro gave, the sisters went to Singapore’s major fashion districts for tons of fabulous shopping and strolling.

Katrina and Karryl also got to witness how Metro puts together their editorial and fashion shoots. For their ultimate spree in the Lion City, they stayed at Marina Bay Sands for four days and three nights.

Metro Singapore Style Reader Promo is supported by Revlon, Chevrolet, Tag Heuer and Citibank.

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  1. imortal the best sa lahat wala paring tatalo astig I really loved Angel Locsin

  2. Angel Locsin "SUPERSTAR" // January 20, 2011 at 2:31 pm //

    imortal the best sa lahat walang tatalo kahit ang dwarfina please make imortal early time slot e laban sa dwarfinal please tingnan natin sino ang mananalo

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