Henry Omaga-Diaz Joins Fight to Save Child Haus in ‘Krusada’

Henry Omaga-Diaz investigates the reason behind the closure of CHILD Haus.

For many years, the Center for Health Improvement and Life Development or CHILD Haus has been a haven for many Filipinos, including young cancer patients, who come from the province to get treatment for their illness.

But with the facility’s impending closure by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), they are bound to lose their only home away from home.

This Thursday (Dec 16) on “Krusada,” broadcast journalist Henry Omaga-Diaz puts the spotlight on our unfortunate brothers and sisters who now have to battle eviction alongside their sicknesses. What is the reason behind the closure of CHILD Haus? Could corruption have led to the death of this “charity work” from PCSO?

These are the questions that Henry Omaga-Diaz will answer this Thursday (Dec 16) as he takes part in the advocacy journalism of the only program in the country that offers a clear position and concrete action on issues.

“We don’t effect change with words alone. Sometimes, we have to take a stand. ABS-CBN journalists are ready to become true agents of change and it is through ‘Krusada’ that they can push for their own advocacies for the Filipino people,” said ABS-CBN Head for News and Current Affairs Ging Reyes.

Listen, take part, and join the crusade of “Krusada,” because true public service is propelled by action, not merely words.

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  2. sayang si henry omaga-diaz. wala na siyang palabas. sana ipalit nalang siya kay alex santos sa TV Patrol Weekend. 🙂

  3. off-topic ka jake // December 15, 2010 at 10:56 pm //

    For me, CHILD Haus must be renovated.

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