Matt Cardle is 2010 X Factor Winner

Matt Cardle has won 2010's X Factor after performing a cover of Biffy Clyro's "Many Of Horror" during the December 12 finale.

Cardle releases the track as his debut single today, December 13, although the title will be changed to “When We Collide”.

Can he surpass what Leona Lewis, the original X Factor winner, has achieved?

Watch the video here:

Cardle also covered Katy Perry‘s “Firework” during the finale. Although I’m not convinced with what the judges say as “sensational vocal”, i think the production was.

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  1. Leona Lewis is the Series 3 Champion, halatang di ka nagreresearch, nasanay ka kasi si copy-paste, if you have seen the entire series then mag-aagree ka na sensational nga ang vocals ni Matt, may tonsillitis pa siya during the finale ha

    @Moj mukha ngang mas sisikat ang One Direction, para kasi silang justin beibz X5, pero mas gusto ko sila compared kay jb, I rather die than hear jb “sing”

  2. ^^ i agree…

  3. Congrats Matt. Sa simula pa lang siya na ang bet ko, I think he’s going to be a big star pero feeling ko mas sisikat ang ONE DIRECTION sa buong mundo.

  4. X Factor Addict // December 13, 2010 at 1:13 pm //

    “Can he surpass what Leona Lewis, the original X Factor winner, has achieved?”

    She is not the original. It’s Steve Brookstein. Leona won the third season.

  5. IMORTAL number 1 dito sa amin angel locsin congrats

  6. i like him
    he will be big in the UK for sure but in america and in the international market im not sure yet

    i like rebecca and cher also

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