PETA Honors Former President Arroyo and Son for Proposing Shark Fin Ban

PETA Asia sends flowers to Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her son for taking a stand against animal cruelty.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia has sent flowers to former President and current Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her son, Rep. Diosdado Macapagal-Arroyo, to commend them for recently coauthoring and filing House Bill 174, which, if passed, would ban the sale of shark and stingray parts throughout the country. The ban would also make the purchase, possession, and transport of any byproducts of these endangered species illegal. The proposed bill even has provisions that would make accidental killing or injury of the animals illegal as well as require that all animals who are caught accidentally be released immediately into the sea unharmed.

Humans kill nearly 100 million sharks and billions of other sea animals each year. Overfishing by “sport” and commercial fishers seeking shark fins and cartilage has undoubtedly put shark populations in peril. These fishers have also endangered swimmers and surfers by throwing bait into the water to draw sharks closer to the shore.

The Philippines is known to export shark fins to countries where it is illegal to hunt these sea creatures. Many compassionate Filipinos are concerned that Sorsogon, home to many endangered sharks, is fast becoming notorious for the mass slaughter of these animals. Photos of this massacre are already all over the Internet. Such cruelty would no doubt dampen the Department of Tourism’s recently launched plans to pitch the Philippines as a country of beauty and natural splendor.

“While sharks aren’t particularly cuddly, they need our protection too,” says PETA Asia Vice President of International Operations Jason Baker. “The former president and her son are setting an example for all by asserting that there is simply no justification for pulling sharks out of the water, cutting off their fins, and then throwing them mercilessly back into the sea.”

Of course, shark fin fishing is only one of the problems associated with today’s fishing industry. Commercial fishing nets often scoop up everything in their path, destroying precious coral reefs and damaging ecosystems. Overfishing is also one of the top causes of fish depletion. Studies indicate that by 2048, the world’s oceans will be virtually fish-free. Fish flesh can contain toxic chemicals, including cadmium, mercury, lead, chromium, and arsenic. These contaminants can cause health problems ranging from kidney damage and impaired mental development to cancer. The best thing that anyone can do for fish, the environment, and their health is to adopt a vegetarian diet.

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31 Comments on PETA Honors Former President Arroyo and Son for Proposing Shark Fin Ban

  1. kapal niya lalong yumaman sa pera ng bayan.

  2. BOOOOOOOOOOO to the award and to the crone!

  3. now i know,why shark gives award for her, because gloria is also sharkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  4. Pnoy and his administration are like mirror images of one another.

    Pnoy, when he was still in congress and the senate, seemed quiet and did nothing wrong to get the ire of Filipinos. He did not do anything wrong, but he didn’t exactly do anything right either.

    Today, as President, he had appointed his barkada to help him “fix” this country. So far his friends are doing one heck of a job in bungling their respective assignments (latest bungle: EO#1 declared as unconstitutional by the SC). But still, people are acquitting him from any fault, because it was the others daw who made the slip.

    As Congressman and Senator, he had an unspectacular performance during his stint, wasting people’s money spent on his monthly salary.

    As President, he has been performing under par, bungling his promise to prosecute GMA, the very same promise who had catapulted him to the Presidency. His cohorts have acted upon several undertakings which were inefficient, therefore considered as another expense wasting precious Filipino money.

    When will the incompetence stop?

    We get the government we deserve. We were lazy to set aside our biases and vote wisely and foolish enough to believe larger-than-life motherhood statements from a presidential candidate with only his name up his sleeve.

    We were always looking for a “safe” choice. Well, that’s Pnoy for you folks. The “safest” bet who seem to always stay on the safe side.

  5. Okrabes Torres // December 9, 2010 at 1:13 pm //

    Thank you very much President GMA! Mabuhay po kayo!

  6. but still even she have many bills pass.this bills of mrs.arroyo are not so beneficial to all of our poor filipinos.In fact many of her projects are over price that leads to corruption despite of many filipinos are hungry and without proper housing.

  7. Bat napasok dito ang tungkol sa isang pulitiko? Dapat entertainment lang.

  8. Arroyo is by far the best modern president we had.

  9. // December 9, 2010 at 6:21 am //

    please support


  10. the clever thief…bow..mas abnoy si gloria

  11. I’ve never been an antigloria. coz amidst the accusations thrown at her, I think she had done well. All her critics do is blab about unproductive things instead of doing something they were voted to do. gloria is better than the previous 3 presidents and the current president who does nothing but give people broken promises. who cares about your lovelife anyway abnoy?

  12. she deserve it! I don’t care what other people say about her because for me she is the best and I can prove it to my self and I feel the improvement of our country but we all know that improvement can’t happen if you would just sit and waste your time finding a imperfection of other people we must move on and if she did many mistake let the court judge, if you think she did show the evidences then you and mrs.gloria face on court. And if I we’re you I prefer to do something to make my life improve therefore we can decrease the poverty of our country and we cannot blame G-GMA of the poverty that we experiences because we citizens have our own responsibility to our country but how could we improve if even simple thingS we cannot make.


  13. hayop ka gma

  14. Please stop getting off-topic 17.

  15. tweet tweet // December 8, 2010 at 6:09 pm //

    @Twilight’s Hammer…

    e2 ball-Peen hammer e pokpok mo sa ulo mo para maliwanagan ka…

  16. Twilight's Hammer // December 8, 2010 at 5:53 pm //

    To all commenters above…

    Animal cruelty must be only in the virtual world…. like the video game World of Warcraft Cataclysm…

  17. MIKIMIKImouse // December 8, 2010 at 5:39 pm //

    @mikimouse talagang loyal ka sa lola mo…hello garci,i’m sorry pa ang drama ng lola mo

  18. @mikimouse // December 8, 2010 at 4:59 pm //

    hwag m hawakan mouse ng computer ha dapta lptop gm8 mo pra dka mahira sa kappindot….

  19. tama ka kikay // December 8, 2010 at 4:57 pm //

    kung walang daya baka kay ampatuan malamang dna xa makapangorakot dahil natalo kya bcoz of ampatuan masaker yan result panalo c gloria… miki magbsa k ng history about election sa lugar ni ampatuan….

  20. @MIKiMOUse d mo ba na gets na patama yan sayo o talagang makitid lang ang pagiisip mo…hahahahaaha

  21. ….@10..KI2…ah este Kikay pala…for sure you got paid kung sino man ang ibinoto mo last election… dahil sabi mo nga okay lang pag may datung…Well money is the root of all evil!!!! No wonder!!

  22. @ MIKIMOUSE Ina Kasusuklaman Ba Kita? b ba show ng kangungu yan…..o baka Gloring sinasamba kita kahit na makasalanan ka ok lang basta may datung….hahahhahaaha

  23. ..@8 hayyy!1 salamat at nakaintindi ka rin!!! Peace pouh!!!

  24. @Miki: Puso mo! Hehehe. Masyado kang affected, teka, baka naman si Gloria Mikipagal Arroyo ka. Pinagtatanggol mo lang ang sarili mo. Don’t worry, naiintindihan ka namin. Hehe.

  25. ….@6….noooo!!!! Kikay….without “ay” but with “i”….I am not a fan of Gloria….It is just a respect for older woman…she’s like a mother to me!! I hope na get mo ang message ko….Ina Kasusuklaman Ba Kita?

  26. wow ang galing naman ni Mikimouse mag English panalo in major major way….siguro isa ka sa mga galamay ni aling gloring no

  27. she was elected president if she’s idiot….you moron….get a life!!! it is not the color of politics but the accomplishments she has made during her term…try to be more considerate in your terms…she was once a president therefore she should be respected anyway…do you do these nasty words to your mother? Perhaps!!!

  28. she is idiot president…she is clever thief..haha!!!!

  29. @no.1 shut up! shes not the only president doing anomalies during there term. Dont be so cruel to Arroyo administration, instead care of your own life. You are not perfect too so dont be too clean. During Arroyo administration All of 3 Branches of government are working as one therefore DO NOT BLAME ONLY OF 1 PERSON.

  30. @no. 1..she deserves what she is getting right now…after is for the nature and it has nothing to do with her past administration…she has passed a lot of bills during her heydays in the senate and for sure in the congress too….seems you are bitter!!!! It’s X’mas…put love in your heart!!!

  31. OMG!!!she doesn’t deserve to be honored after what she have done to our country..she is so heppocrit and even more lack of delicadezza!!to accept that award even though she knows she have many anomalies in her previous administration.

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