Jason Abalos Discovers Shaina Magdayao’s Secret in ‘Alyna’

The calm after the storm brings more trouble to the lead characters of the top-rating afternoon drama “Precious Hearts Romances Presents Alyna” led by Shaina Magdayao (Alyna), Jason Abalos (Dominic), Sid Lucero (Rex), and Kaye Abad (Lilet).

Dominic’s discovery that Alyna was taking care of his brother Rex in secret led him to a jealous rage that made him doubt Alyna’s love for him once again. In the coming days, Alyna will see Dominic come back to his cold and indifferent self, while Rex’s wife Lilet continue to be on her bad side.

This bump in Dominic and Alyna’s relationship will also cause a strain between their friends Patrick (Paul Jake Castillo) and Liza (Beauty Gonzalez), who were starting to get-along with each other after pretending to be a couple.

Can Alyna win back Dominic’s trust? Or will their fight further bring Dominic closer to his former girlfriend Lilet? Watch the exciting developments on “Alyna,” weekdays at 4:30pm on ABS-CBN’s Hapontastic.

While a storm just hit “Alyna,” it has been all sunny for Sid, who is fresh from New York after attending the 2010 International Emmy Awards.

Sid walked the red carpet in the prestigious event, where he bumped into big-time TV personalities such as former American Idol Simon Cowell.

“He was very nice and gave me a couple of seconds of his time to take a photo…a few seconds of my life that I will never forget,” Sid shared. He said he also didn’t waste time and roamed the streets of the place famously known as the “City that never sleeps.”

Though he didn’t get to bring home the Best Actor trophy for his performance in “Dahil May Isang Ikaw,” Sid still brought honor to the country just by being nominated. Sid said hearing his name among the nominees gave him such an incredible feeling.

“I was muttering the name of the actor I wanted to win the whole time. And true enough, his name was called. When I heard his name the first thing that came into my mind was “holy cow, I still can’t believe I’m here,” he said.

With his Emmy experience, Sid said he realized how happy he is to have chosen this profession. “I love my job. I may lose all, even the job itself, but my love for it can never be taken away,” he said.

Catch Sid’s amazing acting prowess with the country’s other bright young actors Shaina Magdayao, Jason Abalos, and Kaye Abad in the afternoon drama of primetime caliber, “Precious Hearts Romances Presents Alyna” from Monday to Friday after “Juanita Banana” on ABS-CBN.

15 Comments on Jason Abalos Discovers Shaina Magdayao’s Secret in ‘Alyna’

  1. Sana ilagay sa DVD ang Alyna ang ganda-ganda kasi ng story tapos bagay na bagay pa sila ni Jayson at Shaina. Bigyan mo naman sila ng movie project na sila ang magkapareha kasama sina Beauty at si Paul (Patrick). Extend pa po sana ninyo ang Alyna. More power sa Alyna.

  2. cheryle bacayo // December 27, 2010 at 5:23 am //

    hi!, gustonggusto ko ang story ng alyna!..
    magaling silang lahat na gumanap na mga showbiz artist sa teleseryeng ALYNA.
    hindi bastos ang ginampanan nila dahil may magandang script ang sinusunod nila.
    hanga2 ako kay shaina magdayao at jason abalos at cid lucero. magaling silang lahat!..
    kaya sana may gawin pa sana silang BOOK 2 sa alyna (from : title DOMINIC!)
    maraming salamat sa pag bigay nyo sa amin ng alyna story of DOMINIC….

  3. Sana extend pa ang Alyna. Lagyan din sana nila ng book 2. Sana lagay din nila sa DVD para mapanood namin ng paulit-ulit.

  4. i like alyna too..pero mas gusto ko yung Juanita Banana….andun kasi si Rudjon…!

  5. i LOVE SHAINA! Go Shai!! Alyna is fantastic! 😉

  6. Kapusang gala // December 2, 2010 at 4:09 pm //

    Nanlalait ang mga kanguso na malalaswa daw ang shows ng ABS pero kahit dito sa Alyna kabastusan pa rin ang hinanaganap.

    Puro kasi fantasya ang alam ng GMEEEW eh kaya ang mga viewers wala na ring alam.

  7. // December 2, 2010 at 3:45 pm //

    please support


  8. i love shaina // December 2, 2010 at 3:05 pm //

    i like it…more shows for shaina ang jason

  9. kapamilya ruled // December 2, 2010 at 1:47 pm //

    love this show…

  10. Anonymous // December 2, 2010 at 7:01 am //

    nakakainis si Alyna! Get over Rex! Pabayan mo syang mag suffer! Kase pinahihirapan mo lang ang sarili mo! Kawawa si Dominic! kainis! Busit! lol

  11. wla kbng pnag-aralan???respect ur self

  12. bastos mo hapzzzzzzzzzz………

  13. nakzzzzzzzz namn……..

  14. GMEeeeewwwww // December 1, 2010 at 8:59 pm //

    kawawang kanguso
    ang alam lng ay kabastusan
    hindi yata ‘to tinuruan ng
    magandang asal ng mga magulang

  15. Vaginal Lock…lol

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