EW Hails ‘The Walking Dead’ as the Best New Show on TV

The hit new tv series about zombies is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly Magazine with cover article entitled "The Best New Show on TV."

I agree. “The Walking Dead” easily positioned itself in no. 2 of my favorite tv series list this year (with Glee on no. 1 of course). I got hooked after watching the almost two-hour pilot episode.

Reception by critics (from Wikipedia):

The show currently scores 85 out of 100 on Metacritic based on 25 reviews, indicating Universal acclaim. Nancy deWolf Smith from The Wall Street Journal said that the “pilot episode [is] so good that it has hooked even a zombie hater like me.” She said that what made the show so good was that it feels real and looks cinematic. Heather Havrilesky of included the show on their list of 9 new TV shows to not miss, giving it a grade of “A”, with the author saying “A film-quality drama series about zombies? Somebody pinch me!”

If you still haven’t heard about “The Walking Dead”, click HERE for related article.

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  1. jayeliezer // December 1, 2010 at 8:24 pm //

    i am jay eliezer dela calzada from butuan city philippines and i need some information about the walking dead tv series…all i need is the current time, schedule and channel of the noted series, the walking dead…..thank you and more power……….

  2. amc. this is really good.

  3. What channel to watch?

  4. im also one of those whos hooked to this TV series! love andrew lincoln!

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