Fraternity Hazing Victim Relives Experience on ‘I Survived’

Since he was a child, “Vince” dreamt of becoming a lawyer. So when a fraternity from a famous law school promised to help him if he would join them, he agreed.

Harsh blows, derogatory remarks, and merciless attacks were what Vince had to endure to be part of their fraternity. The initiation almost killed him, as it resulted in hematoma or internal bleeding, which required him to undergo dialysis.

Though traumatized and beaten both physically and emotionally, Vince realized that life had to go on.

Join Ces Oreña-Drilon as she finds out how Vince coped with his horrific initiation experience from his would-be “brother” on “I Survived,” this Thursday (November 25), after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.

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