Rising Comedians, Not a Threat to Vhong Navarro

Vhong Navarro is one of the most sought after comedians in the industry today and despite the emergence of new talents, he is still confident that he will continue his reign as the ‘Prince of Comedy.’

“I have been working in this industry for 15 years. I believe that I have established myself as a comedian. I have shown t the public what I can do as an artist,” he said. “It is inevitable that new talents will rise and others would fade. But in my 15 or 16 years in the industry, I’ve shown my best.”

The host-actor assured though that he has not rested on his laurels and sees to it that he is updated with the trends in the comedy genre.

“Timing is very important in doing comedy,” he said. “I don’t copy the style of other comedians. I try to be updated so I don’t get left behind.”

His unparalleled talent made him one of the busiest actors of his generation. Vhong revealed that despite his weekly struggles of challenging a very busy schedule, he still manages to find time for his loved ones.

“I made it a point to spend my Sundays with my family. We usually watch a movie, shop at the mall, play or do other things together.”

One of the projects that is keeping Vhong busy is his top-rating primetime fantaserye for the family, “Kokey@Ako.”

The story heats up this week as Belat (still in Bruce’s human form) finally confesses his true feelings for Jackie (Toni Gonzaga). But what if Bruce wakes up from hibernation and goes back to claim his life back? To whom will Jackie give her heart?

Don’t miss the final two weeks of “Kokey@Ako,” airing weekdays after “Down with Love” on ABS-CBN.

13 Comments on Rising Comedians, Not a Threat to Vhong Navarro

  1. tama!!
    prince of comedy c vhong!!!!

  2. Lele is right. Expired na ang iba …

  3. magaling sina vic, joey, and michael v.

    but may tinatawag po tayong Expiration Date..

    Vhong Navarro is in!!

  4. Bakit si number 4 ang inaaway niyo? Di kaya number 5? Siya yung bitter kay vhong?

  5. @5. ratingin mo muka mo! e ano ba pelikula ni michael v ang sumikat? parang wala naman akong marekol. ang korni ni vic soto, korni rin ng mga comercials niya! vhong navarro ang prince of comedy!

  6. to #4:
    tgnan mo mna kea sa ratings bago ka mnghusga na mba2 ang ratings ng kokey! plibhasa gaya2 ang kanguso! gnaya ang MOMAY!

  7. @#6 isama mo nmn c eugene ng ghost fighter..ckat din nmn xa ah.. cge k magagalit un….wahahahaha

  8. anong di nag rate @ # 4 // November 23, 2010 at 12:57 am //

    ang sabihin mo extended ang bantatay.. kasi Walang pamalit… WALANG ARTISTA ANG GMA.. puro basura… Mga uto uto at bobo pa ang mga kanguso hahahahahaha!….. Si goku at Freza lang ang sikat sa GMA.. yan ang totoo…

  9. @#4

    nagpa2tawa kb??? ano ba mga na achieve ni vhong??? ala pa sa kalingkingan un sa mga naachieve ni vic and joey noh!!! at ala pa din xa binatbat kay michael v. ang corny nga ni vhong..tignan mo nga patapos na ung kokey at ako nya!!! di nagrate palibhasa!!! ung bantatay extended hanggang nextyear pa kc mataas rating..

  10. Kapamilya 4ever // November 22, 2010 at 10:16 pm //

    Kelan pa nagkaatrono si Vic? Ang kokorny naman ng pagiging komedyante niya pang classic. Lalo na si Joey.

    I’ll go for Vhong and Vice.

  11. vhong navarro rocks!
    idol sa comedy.
    idol sa dancefloor.
    idol sa hosting.


  12. si vhong ang susunod kay vic sa trono

    kagaya ng pagsunod ni michael v. sa trono ni dolphy

  13. who’s the princess of comedy? is it pokwang?

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