Manhunt International 2010 Contestants in Their National Costume

The contestants of Manhunt International 2010 showcased their national costume in a parade of nations fashion show sponsored by Tainan Women’s Association.

Panama wins Best National Costume:

USA wins Mr. Charity award:

Hawaii is Mr. Talent:

Korea is Mr. Popularity:

Please take note that these are not the pageant’s official awards, but rather local prizes. There might be a different Best in National Costume award come pageant night.


Images courtesy of Tony Wong

11 Comments on Manhunt International 2010 Contestants in Their National Costume

  1. Phil. candidate pasok sa top 9….survey pls. support him…

  2. may laban daw ang pinas… talented compare sa iba..

  3. go philippines

  4. ganun ba talaga ang spelling ng “THEIR” (sa title ng article na to)…. parang wrong spelling ata?

  5. To AnOR 1K Record, according to wikipedia Hawaii is the newest state of U.S., check it to wiki if you want.

  6. Delegate of Philippines is so WEAK! He’s the weakest among the 50 contestants

  7. AnOR 1K REcord // November 18, 2010 at 12:42 am //

    @#1 yes i agree, theyre so hot!

    @#2and3 and Guam too! I think they consider Hawaii as a territory rather than a State

    @#4 very well said. Miss Earth should allow a Hawaiian candidate next time. Bakit ang China may HK at Macau d b?

  8. Although Hawaii is considered a state of U.S., it is still an archipelago separated from the mainland and found in the pacific, Hawaii has its distinct culture, language and tradition so they can have their own representative.

  9. why is hawaii and the u.s. having separate candidates?

  10. party payatas!PANIS! // November 17, 2010 at 4:43 pm //

    why is hawaii and the u.s. having a separate candidates?

  11. WTF., USA and HAwaii., is so freaking hOT!!!.,

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