Girl Power on ANC’s New Shows ‘The Brew’ and ‘Tease’

An all-girl opinion show and a pop culture review program are set to premiere on ANC.

SkyCable’s top a la carte channel, the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC), is brewing an all-girl opinion show that will help viewers digest the hottest issues of the week, and a thirty-minute program on everything pop culture hosted by one of ANC’s young female anchors.

In the one-hour weekly show called ‘The Brew,’ news anchor Twink Macaraig, TV reporter-turned-producer Nadia Trinidad, and radio host and alternative educator Gang Badoy will tear apart topics ranging from politics, pop culture, show business, to online chatter. The Brew, which is a spin-off of the US talk show ‘The View,’ will premiere on October 21, Thursday, at 7pm on ANC.

“The audience can look forward to hearing three crazy people. We would be discussing different issues, telling you bluntly what we think about certain personalities we love or we hate. They can expect spontaneity. It’s not a newscast. It’s not your structured talk show,” Trinidad said.

“Viewers can expect synergy brought about by the different elements, the different personalities, the different perspectives that the hosts represent,” Macaraig added.

Aside from exchanging views, the hosts will put colorful newsmakers on the hot seat and grill them about controversial issues. They will also go to adventures, do social experiments and feature viewer feedback gathered through ANC’s social media platforms.

“The word ‘brew’ is a verb but it’s also a noun. So I guess like the show, it really is an act of questioning, an act of sharing ideas and at the same time, it’s something people can watch and respond to,” Badoy said of the show’s interactive nature.

Away from the anchor’s desk

Macaraig brings into the show her experience as a seasoned journalist with a career that spans 25 years including stints in the TV news magazine show ‘The Probe Team’ and international news organizations CNBC and Channel NewsAsia.

The anchor of ANC newscast ‘On the Scene’ and the debate show ‘Square Off’ said ‘The Brew’ is more creative and offbeat than anything she has ever done before.

“It’s a show that will allow me to air my opinions for once and to relax and show a bit of a more personal side that you would otherwise not see when I’m behind an anchor’s desk.”

Being her ‘evil’ self

Trinidad, who has been a senior political correspondent for ABS-CBN for 12 years, said ‘The Brew’ is a refreshing change for her as well.

“I’ve been trained to keep my thoughts to myself. Now that social media is prevalent, reporters have found a venue to be themselves more. This show is something like that. It’s a venue where I could share my insights. I get to be my evil self!”

Trinidad has covered Malacañang, Congress, and the Supreme Court. She recently came from a one-year fellowship at Stanford University under the John S. Knight program for professional journalists and produces for ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs.

Out to engage viewers

Badoy meanwhile started out in traditional media and went on to start Rock Ed Philippines, an alternative education volunteer group that aims to keep the young ones abreast with civic issues.

The proponent of the ‘Dear Noynoy’ and ‘Dear Gloria’ online projects said she wants to engage with viewers. “When we have instant reactions from people who are watching us while they’re online, I think we get a harvest of very honest answers and reactions, and my God, the Philippines needs honesty right now.”

Badoy also writes and hosts Rock Ed Radio on NU107 and has just been named a recipient of the Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service (TOWNS) awards last Tuesday (Oct 19).

The Tease

Mornings@ANC co-anchor Ginger Conejero is another woman at the helm of a new ANC show. Since September 28, Conejero has been giving viewers a refreshing respite from hardcore news through “Tease.”

The show is hip, hot, and pop, a review of all things in the media’s pop culture galaxy—from music, to movies, theater, television, and art.

“Tease is an art show that takes on the best and the worst of Philippine pop culture. It’s a fast ride: sharp and unpredictable and a lot of good not-quite-clean fun,” said the show’s executive producer, Patricia Evangelista.

The show features in studio interviews with the biggest and also the funniest faces of the art scene—comic book artists, critically-acclaimed writers, theater actors, indie stars, rockers, and soap opera kings—and provides a closer look at their body of work.

Tease will also dish out sneak previews and early reviews on coming films for the week, as well as a glimpse at the artists and directors involved.

ANC Chief Operating Officer Glenda M. Gloria said ANC hopes to add variety in its programming with an offering that is “something out-of-the-box, irreverent and hip.”

ANC’s solid social media presence

Pioneering bright new concepts is not new for ANC, which is one of the first media organizations to tap social media. So far, ANC has established a solid presence online, with around 34,000 of its 41,076 fans in Facebook actively participate in the ANC 24/7 wall, while post views reach an average of no less than 500,000 a month.

Last Tuesday (Oct 19), ANC reached another milestone when its unique followers on twitter broke the 100,000 mark, making it one of the most followed twitter accounts in the country. It also tops the list of the most influential Philippine news accounts on Twitter.

Catch “The Brew” with Twink Macaraig, Nadia Trinidad, and Gang Badoy on October 21, Thursday, at 7pm and “Tease” with Ginger Conejero every Tuesday at 9:30 pm on ANC SkyCable channel 27.

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  1. Anonymous // October 21, 2010 at 6:02 pm //

    ANC is just the best when it comes to innovative shows with a sense!

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    Love it!

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