Parokya ni Edgar Rocks with MYX as Celebrity VJs of the Month

“I ♥ MYX,” screams Parokya ni Edgar as they once again rock and rule the No. 1 music channel in the Philippines, MYX.

This time, it’s not their phenomenal hits that will astound everyone—it’s their well-loved humor as this October’s MYX Celebrity VJs.

Catch Parokya ni Edgar as they grant viewers’ requests on My MYX this October 17 to 23. And finally, after 17 years of dominating the Pinoy rock sphere, Parokya ni Edgar reminisces the music videos of the “good old days” on MYX Backtrax on October 24 to 31.

Meanwhile, MYX also features this month today’s most-celebrated international rock and acoustic sensations in MYX Presents. YouTube acoustic sensation Marie Digby enthralls music enthusiasts with her tracks of the “heart” on October 21. Bringing back the hardcore rock cravings is Linkin Park on October 28.

MYX never stops rocking the world as live performances from the country’s most passionate artists kick off on MYX Live. Rockers Sponge Cola and Nikki Gil sing out loud on October 20 and 27, respectively.

Also premiering by the end of the month is the much-anticipated MYXPOSED: 10th Anniversary Documentaries, a four-part chronicle of MYX’s colorful story. Learn about the history of MYX, as told by the people behind it, the artists, the viewers, the fans, and so much more. Witness the struggles during the early years, the ups-and-downs then the climb to music channel supremacy in the Philippines.

This year, catch MYXas it offers more exciting events in celebration of decade-long regime in the music world. “I ♥ your choice. I ♥ your music. I ♥ MYX.”

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