Baldness and other Hair Problems on ‘The Correspondents’

Hair fall does not only make a person’s “crowning glory” thinner. For others, it also decreases their self confidence.

Rhenant, 38 years old, thinks his thinning hair is the reason he doesn’t have a wife yet. He inherited baldness from his parents and at the age of 38, he’s close to losing all his hair.

Twenty-one year old Maricar, on the other hand, had her mane curled after giving birth, a decision that she now regrets. After going bald, Maricar fell into depression and was ashamed of going out of the house.

Is there still hope for the likes of Rhenant and Maricar? How can we prevent losing our hair?

Dominic Almelor will tackle every strand of baldness among Filipinos this Tuesday (Sept 28) on “The Correspondents” after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.

2 Comments on Baldness and other Hair Problems on ‘The Correspondents’

  1. sabi nbga ni noynoy.. di bale manipis na ang kanyang buhok kaysa makapal ang mukha.. tompak!

  2. nasa nagdadala yan. kalbo ka man o may buhok. tipid nga kapag kalbo ka.
    1. di na natatagalan sa paliligo.
    2. tipid sa barberya/salon.
    3. iwas lisa/kuto.
    4. wala ng kaartehan sa harap ng salamin kasi wala namang susuklayin.
    un na un!

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