‘Charice’ and ‘Sunshine Corazon’ are Trending Topics on Twitter Worldwide

The Twitter world is talking about our very own Charice and her debut performance in the hit tv series "Glee."

The first episode of Glee’s highly-anticipated second season is titled “Audition” and it features the new character “Sunshine Corazon”, a Filipino foreign exchange student, portrayed by international singing sensation Charice.

Technically, this is Charice‘s second acting performance in the US as she played a cameo role in the Hollywood film Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakel last year. But bagging a recurring role in the highly popular tv series Glee is so big not only for her career but for us pinoys as well because she puts the country on the map again.

The “audition” episode premiered 4:00 p.m. today, September 22, via sattelite on ETC and Jack TV. And as expected, Charice is the talk of the town. In fact, the terms “Charice” and “Sunshine Corazon” alongside the term “watching Glee” are among the Top 10 trending topics on Twitter worldwide.

“Charice” is ranked 6th early this morning while “Sunshine Corazon” is at no. 8. As of this moment, the term “Sunshine Corazon” climbs to no. 4 while “Charice” is at no. 9 and the term “Watching Glee” left the Top 10.

26 Comments on ‘Charice’ and ‘Sunshine Corazon’ are Trending Topics on Twitter Worldwide

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  2. i-compare ba yung dalawa? iba-iba naman kasi forte nila. they’re both the best in what they do. hayaan na natin ibang panga ang malaglag sa galing ng Pinoy.

  3. luod kay mo sakatanan…be proud of them…we have charice in the international scene and sarah g. in the local industry……that’s amazing…ryt?…

  4. Know what? I’m a certified kapuso but I like Charice and I’m proud of her, just can’t understand those narrow minded people who always accused that those people who always hit Charice are kapuso. Grow up people, you may not know it not all kapamilya like charice so as not all kapuso like charice as well, as simple as that. All die hard kapamilya and Sarah fans could have hit Charice too. Remember Charice started in Kapamilya channel, yes but, Have they given her the chance to shine and attention since she lost in little big star? No. Now that Charice i gaining world wide attention they are there following her everywhere claiming Charice started from them. Whew! What a life indeed. Charice is Filipino, she is not exclusive talent of kapamilya and kapuso fans just like me also has the right to admire and like her.We are not bitter that she comes from the other Channel, what mattered most is that charice is a Filipino and I’m proud of her.

  5. Mga kawalanghiya ng ibang pinoy nagigiging pang international na din. Sana kung ano lang ang topic dun lang kayo magkomento. Wag yong ikalat sa mundo yang kababawan nyo ng pag iisip. Mga educated kaya kayo? I am sure hindi kaya sana magpakapino naman kayo, nakakahiya kayo!!!

  6. I think there’s only one crab here using different names – he uses pedestrian diatribe. He should be brushed aside to the gutter. On Charice, U.S. polls show she’s the favorite Glee newcomer and among the Glee stars, she received the most raves among U.S. viewers. She has gotten more exposure and has gained a tremendous number of new fans. May God bless you more and more Charice.

  7. I don’t know why these crabs keep calling her “ugly”. Charice is pretty in her own way – she can’t be called ugly. She’s a real charmer. Their name-calling is so low and despicable. It seems there’s no other thing they can throw at her except that below-the-belt adjective. These uncivilized, hissing crabs make me feel, upon reading their comments, that I was suddenly transported to a snakepit somewhere. They’re loathesomely vicious and they get bellicose at the mere mention of her name. Down with the crabs and Hail to Charice!

  8. @CHANGET AND HEHE: Nanggagalaiti kayo sa galit at inggit. Labas na ang litid ninyo at ang lalim na ng kunot ninyo – parang bangin na sa lalim. Not a pretty sight. You both remind me of Rumpelstiltskin. Charice is No. 4 in the Billboard Top 21 singers, daig pa si Miley. O baka magalit kayo lalo makamukha n’yo na si Beelzebub. By the way, kumusta na si Sarah?

  9. @BOO: Mag-isa ka! So long!

  10. nakaligtaan ko pa!!

    “It’s about “time” for the Asians to show what a big continent is!” sorry guys…

  11. sa mga comments ng mga kapuso, parang ayaw nilang maging pilipino?!?!? TAMA, pag kapuso,hindi na talaga proud sa kapwa pinoy kaya sila ang mga tinuturing na mga talangka!! bitter kapuso, hindi kayo pilipino!! nyahahha!!

    Charice!! Your fellow kababayans are proud of you, be humble!! there are more records to break… It’s about for the Asians to show what a big continent is!

  12. I’m really proud of Charice pero fan pa rin ako ni Sarah.

  13. ano ba yan!!! bat may rating dito!!!! yung topic eh si Charice. Mga leche kayo!!!!!

  14. lettie llorente tadeo // September 24, 2010 at 2:29 pm //

    Please don’t fight about who is better or more popular between Sara and Charice. Let’s just all be proud of what these 2 young girls have done for themselves and for the Philippines. Just be hapoy for them and for ourcountry, OK? I love them both and I am sooo proud of them, even my US friends are blown away by both of them, so there, be nice people!!!!!Just feel proud that you are Filipinos!!!

  15. go charice…

    You’ll always be my number one.
    I’m your number 1 fan.
    The one i love, the rest of my life forever.
    Till the end of time.

    not sarah anymore


  17. Panis na panis si sarah hahahahaha…panoorin nyo listen version ni sarah sa youtube hahahaha ang pangit ng boses walang panama kay charice hahahaha.

  18. Panis na panis si sarah sa youtube hahahahaha…panoorin nyo listen version ni sarah hahahaha ang pangit ng boses walang panama kay charice hahahaha

  19. Panis na panis si sarah hahahahaha…panoorin nyo listen version ni sarah hahahaha ang pangit ng boses walang panama kay charice hahahaha

  20. glee sikat at no.1 sa U.S.! congrats Charice! PROUD OF YOU! // September 24, 2010 at 3:05 am //

    Charice is on her road to superstardom, yet she still remains humble. She is raised that way. Go Charice!
    U’re amazingly talented.

  21. glee sikat at no.1 sa U.S.! congrats Charice! PROUD OF YOU! // September 24, 2010 at 3:04 am //

    bakit si sarah at fans niya dinadamay niyo sa kabitteran d2 bout kay charice! KANGUSO MGA HATERS na yan! PLAIN AND SIMPLE

  22. Pro-Charice.. // September 24, 2010 at 2:41 am //

    Sarah had a rendition of ‘Listen’ pala sa Youtube..Kung ikukumpara silang dalawa..walang binatbat si Sarah..Para siyang nag-struggle eh ..while Charice was flawless in her performance..Search the videos sa TY..You’ll see the difference..

  23. mostly naman mga sarah fans ung nag-aaway kay charice eh d kasi nila matanggap na si charice ang sumikat sa abroad kesa kay sarah. na unahan pa sya ni charice. na aalala ko nga ung mga sinabi dati ng mga sarah fans na si sarah daw may commercial kasama si beyonce, rihanna at justin timberlake! hahahahhahaah keep on dreaming!

  24. kapamilyahere // September 23, 2010 at 7:57 pm //

    fan ako ni sarah perp proud ako kay charice….pero syempre mas gusto ko pa rin c sarah den c charice…

    gudluck sa mga careers nyo…wag nyo na pansinin mga taong nagsisimula anang away…

  25. Pag may nega dito mga fans yan ni Sarah naiinggit…hala tulungan nyo ang IDOL para naman hindi tuluyang malunod kasi naghihingalo..

  26. All I can say, WE PROUD OF YOU, Charice!!!

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