Mark Anthony Fernandez & Lovi Poe Star in Lovebug: ‘Say I Do’

Seeking love the second time around in Lovebug Presents "Say I Do" this Sunday.

Beginning August 29, GMA Network brings an extraordinarily hilarious love story for everyone who wants to get a good laugh along with their families in Lovebug’s newest romantic-comedy offering, SAY I DO.

Playing the lead roles in this four-part episode are two of GMA’s brightest stars – Mark Anthony Fernandez as Alvin and Lovi Poe as Faye. This is the first onscreen project of Mark and Lovi and there has been brewing excitement among fans and viewers who have been looking forward to their team-up. Joining them in this offering are Joey Marquez as Ulyses and Carmi Martin as Chona.

Alvin is madly in love with Faye and has immediate plans to ask for her hand in marriage. They feel that they are the perfect partner for one another and decide to get hitched as soon as possible.

Despite the separation of his parents, Alvin still keeps in touch with his father and mother and invites them to the wedding. He just wants both of them to be there in the most important day in his life.

Little did he know that the plan to reunite his estranged parents would cause a big chaos on his big day. Chona arrives drunk at the wedding and causes a scene, much to Alvin’s dismay.

As the newlywed celebrates their honeymoon, Ulyses and Chona arrive to apologize for what happened. Alvin tells the two to settle whatever baggage they have once and for all. They comply with his request and in no time, Ulyses and Chona renew their love for each other.

But Alvin is against the reunion of his parents. He wants to save her mom from the heartache she went through before. He also discovers that Faye helps to reconcile Ulyses and Chona. They end up fighting and realize the differences in their personalities and family lives.

Will Ulyses and Chona continue their romance and start anew? Will this pair of love birds eventually end up at the altar? Is love truly sweeter and lovelier the second time around?

SAY I DO is directed by Jay Altarejos together with the creative team headed by Roy Iglesias as Creative Consultant, Kit Langit as Headwriter and Rona Sales and Denoy Navarro-Punio as writers. Rounding up the cast are Janelle Jamer as Cathy, Rox Montealegre as Cecil, Zeryl Lim as Joanne and Dion Ignacio as Sean.

Bring warmth in your hearts and let your family experience a great love story with SAY I DO beginning August 29 every Sunday right after Party Pilipinas on GMA.


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