Hollywood Indie Film ‘Outrage’ by Ace Cruz to be Screened in the Philippines

Michael Madsen (Sin City, Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs) and Natasha Lyonne (American Pie, Slums of Beverly Hills) star in Outrage, a white-knuckle thriller about the law of attraction, fate-changing decisions and facing the past.

Christine (Katie Fountain) is selling the palatial North Georgia mountain home willed to her by her father. And she’s closing this chapter of her life in style: a lavish weekend getaway with a group of close friends (Natasha Lyonne, Ace Cruz and Derek Lee Nixon). But the lodge was the site of a traumatic childhood incident Christine just can’t shake. The fear and outrage consume her. The vacation, she hopes, will be the source of healing.

Her plans, however, go awry as an ex-Marine sniper, Farragut (Michael Madsen), and his team of military outlaws crash a wave of terror upon Christine and company. A plan of deception soon unravels, and Christine and her friends escape into the woods with the bloodthirsty killers on their trail. With help from a simple handyman, Billy (Pauly D), and a mountain mystic, Obeah (Michael Berryman), Christine comes face-to-face with the fears that brought these horrors to life.

For Outrage, producer/director Ace Cruz and executive producer Paul D’Agnese bring the story itself to life with pulse-pounding intensity, drawing upon a cast of notable screen vets. Madsen, perhaps best known for his role as Mr. Blonde in Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, calls the project “a thrilling, exciting and invigorating movie with a great message.”
The critically acclaimed Lyonne says she was delighted to work with Madsen on such a thought-provoking project. With its unique content and approach, Outrage stands out among the slew of films on her resume.

“Outrage is an interesting film that explores the power of the psyche and subconscious mind to determine or color our conditions, reality and experience,” Lyonne says.

Moviegoers will no doubt recognize the incomparable Michael Berryman. Primarily known for bad guy roles (Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects, Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes), Berryman switches gears in Outrage as the insightful Obeah.

“The producers have spent time to weave a story of danger, intrigue and choices,” says Berryman. “The message of the film is most powerful. The pure entertainment is solid and uncompromising. It’s a film you can watch many times and take something new from it.”

Cruz hopes audiences will not only immerse themselves in unbridled entertainment, but also take home the core message of Outrage.
“Filmmaking is a passion of mine that I use to show a good message to the world whenever I can fit it in my commercial movies,” says Cruz. “I decided to make the lesson of Outrage be what you are inside is what you attract in life.” This is Cruz’s 6th film and he is now preparing to do his 7th film called “fight quest”.

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Outrage premieres in Manila on August 14, 2010.

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