Metro Society Releases Luxury Issue

"Luxury" is the word to describe the newest issue of Metro Society.

It’s all about high living and expensive toys for the men and women with fine tastes. Read about IWC, Breitling, Vacheron Constin, Cartier and Chopard– names that carries status and exclusive prestige. Fast and furiously beautiful, the cars featured in this issue are the epitome of power and sleek design. Also in this issue are the favorite chairs of the owners of the top furniture stores in the city; the perfect walk-in closet for me– Hermes Man store on Madison st., New York City. Young fashionistas show where their brand loyalties lie in On the Verge.

We talk about the luxurious intangibles such as the sublime experience of flight, as Tristan Choa recounts his experience in paragliding over the Himalayas. Bobby Cuenca waxes poetic over the sunrise and beauty of the Losari in Central Java. Our cover girl Marilen Gonzales-Elizalde shares the joys and luxuries of living in the moment, and shares the secret on how she is able to do everything without compromising her time with her husband and children.

Metro Society is available on all news stands and bookstores in Metro Manila.

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