Glee ‘Britney’ Episode Spoilers

It was announced that one of the highlights of Glee's second season is the Britney Spears episode.

Lea Michele gives some hints about the Britney Spears episode:

“It’s gonna be a really big episode…I’ve always loved Britney Spears, and I get to do something REALLY cool,” she said.

“What I loved about the episode is there’s old songs, there’s new songs, and Ryan (Murphy) also does what was really cool in the Madonna episode, how he took a song and had the boys sing it. He does the same thing with Britney and I can’t wait to hear it because the idea sounds so cool.”

“I am singing a classic Britney Spears song that I’m so excited about. I am recreating a Britney video, but I can’t say what it is yet,” she added.

Matthew Morrison, on the other hand, revealed that Mr. Schuster will be anti-Britney:

“I like Britney. I got in trouble earlier for comments I made saying I’m anti-Britney, but I’m not. I think in this episode they’re going to mirror those comments and I’m going to be very anti-Britney in the episode because I don’t like what she represents…It’s gonna be a lot of fun and some crazy stuff is gonna happen,” he said.

Britney herself expressed her enthusiasm for the idea on Twitter, posting recently: “I love Glee, the cast is so talented.”

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