Josephine ‘Banig’ Roberto is Making a Comeback in the Local Music Scene

Remember "Banig"? She's back with a new Tagalog CD called “Josephine Roberto.”

Josephine Roberto – what a beautiful name. Somehow, in the many years of her music life, the stage name BANIG got stuck. Now, all grown up, the former child wonder is finally ready to drop her childhood stage name and go back to the basics where it all began. A little girl simply named Josephine Roberto. She wowed us at age 8 belting Shirley Bassey songs in Ang Bagong Kampeon’s Bulilit Portion. She graced us with her stints as a powerhouse concert artist at the bare age of 9. And after winning the International Star Search at the tender age of 10, little BANIG had embarked a chapter of her life that impacted the Filipinos all over the world. She was no longer just a household name in the local Philippine showbiz scene – but now she was considered a true pride of her country. Her impressive performance on the The Arsenio Hall Show followed numerous shows in the U.S. and contracts with huge companies that moved her career to a different level and a different country.

Since then, headlining concerts and recording CDs became the focus of her career. Writing her own material became a craft that would change our then, teeny-bopper BANIG to a highly gifted songwriter/producer. In addition, she also oversees her own record label and her music production/marketing firm that eventually ensures her genuine longevity in the music industry. BANIG released “Can You Feel My Heat” under Del-Fi Records and “Silent Whispers”, under her label, Double Play Entertainment. Her first two singles, “Boogie On The Dancefloor” and “Walk” were played in several radio stations and dance clubs all over the U.S. Both singles also received chart action in various radio stations, record pools and dance club charts and music industry trade publications.

Her long-awaited Tagalog CD compiles a 14-track list of original compositions, both in Tagalog and in English, written by Josephine Roberto herself along with musical partner, and younger sister, Jhoanna Roberto. Also growing up in the music business, Jhoanna “Jojo” Roberto has mastered the art of songwriting and music production. She has worked with several new artists as a producer, a re-mixer, a rapper and a choreographer. With the combination of talents of these two gifted artists, the CD “Josephine Roberto” will reach the mass audiences who have long waited for their little BANIG to come out with a new project that will cater to all her kababayans. Only this time around, the CD re-visits what the Filipino audience remembers her for…her talent as a vocalist, and now, her skills as a songwriter and producer.

It really has been decades since we last saw a glimpse of BANIG in the Philippine entertainment scene. With just a short lived music career in the Philippines, somehow BANIG remained an idol for many young aspiring artists back in her days, especially to those parents who desperately wanted their children to sing like her. To those who witnessed her live concerts, most especially her last concert at the Quirino Grandstand attended by hundreds of thousands of people, who knew that concert would be the last time we would get to see her perform live in Manila? And what about the Filipinos who witnessed BANIG’s live performances in the U.S.? They still remember the “BANIG factor” that sets her apart from the many. It is the magic that she brings on stage that proves to everyone that no matter how many years she was away from the Philippine entertainment circuit, nor the importance of the number of appearances she has made, BANIG’s performances will forever make an huge mark in the in the minds of all Filipinos. With this album, it is hoped that Josephine Roberto is embraced by her people with a warm welcome. It is a real treat that a Tagalog CD will finally be released for her fans in her native land.

BANIG’s “Josephine Roberto” CD is now available on iTunes and You can also visit BANIG on,,,

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