SMART is Up to Something ‘Big’ and ‘Free’ and for Adults Only!

SMART Communications is up to something BIG and FREE this July 30 and it's for 18 years old and above only.

Guys and Girls 18 years old and above (if you’re not 18 yet, skip this article now! As in NOW!) check out the Facebook page of SMART Communications. Then check the tab entitled “18 & up.” It’s a BIG BIG secret that’s going to be revealed on July 30.

Quite intriguing right? So what could it be?

Have you seen the smiley (which is not smiling if you tell me) icon with popped-out eyes and an open large-and-awed mouth? That’s our first clue.

Have you read the words “Something BIG and FREE is coming this July 30!” in big fonts? That’s our second clue.

The last line using a much smaller font says “For 18 and Up Only!” is our third clue.

And our final clue, for now, is the mischievous wink emoticon which goes like this: 😉

Is SMART going to come up with an adult content wapsite? Or how about mobile gambling of some sort?

What do you think? Can’t wait ’til July 30? Then be a member of their Facebook Page as they will give more clues in the coming days.

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