‘The Leaving’ – 2010 Cinemalaya Entry

Ian-Dean S. Loreño's "The Leaving" is one of the 10 finalists for the 2010 Cinemalaya Film Festival Full-Length New Breed category.


There is always a constant transcience in this world. This is the premise of “The Leaving (離別)”, sets in a neo-Chinatown in Manila where the “Tsinoys” (Filipino-Chinese) struggle with the diminishing of their morals and culture. We follow three intertwining stories (Martin, The Lovers, Wife) that leave elements on the other stories such that they are all connected.

The Leaving: Martin

Martin is living independently when he suddenly got laid off from his job, he’s now caught up in a situation of uncertainty. Martin later decides to leave the country and work abroad. He tries to visit the places as he collects memories of his past to find answers. But the sudden strange encounters during the Chinese Hungry Ghost(中元節) gives him something more than what he’s asking for.

The Leaving: Lovers

A Tsinoy businessman, William is already married but finds his happiness with JOAN, a charming, nomadic bachelorette office worker. But the uncertainty in their relationship causes JOAN to decide to leave the country to start a new life on her own. But as JOAN is about to leave, her departure is halted and results in an unexpected event.

The Leaving: Wife

A typical conservative Filipina-Chinese housewife, Grace moves in the apartment building with her husband in same building where Martin lives. Neglected and unappreciated, Grace finds comfort through his neighbor Martin but their relationship is fenced by their present circumstances. GRACE finds out her husband is cheating on her…then a sudden haunting later on unravels a horrifying secret.

All beings exist to find permanence in this world. But it seems to be the most grounded are the ones do not really exist at all…

Cast: Alwyn Uytingco (Martin), LJ Reyes (Grace), LJ Moreno (Joan), Arnold Reyes (William), Garry Lim (Guard), Fonz Desa (Odd Man), Miaka Lao (Unknown Girl), Menchu Sintay (Ghost Woman), Ronnie Martinez (Ghost Man), Acey Aguilar (Erwin/Martin’s friend), Margery Lao (Crazy Neighbor), Mark Lloyd Lao (Topless Guy/Family Man in Restaurant), Helen Benoza (Grace’s Mom) and Timothy Tuazon (Joan’s Boss)

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