Spotlight on the Teen Big 6 – James, Ryan, Devon, Fretzie, Ivan & Bret

Get to know more about the Teen Big 6 of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 and how they will take the showbiz splash.

Teen Big Winner: JAMES REID
Dashing Dude ng Australia

Prizes: 46″ LCD TV from Sony, Asian trip for two in 3 destinations including Hongkong, Thailand, Singapore all expenses paid by Von Dutch, Crystal Clear business package worth P1.5M from Solarex, P3M Condo Unit from Globe Asiatique, P1M cash prize from Jack N’ Jill.

James Reid was born and raised in Australia, and he would ocassionally visit the country with his dad for vacation until they finally decided to settle here a over a year ago.

This Australian hottie started off shy and timid. Though he rarely moves his lips to speak, he would still be one of the in-house heartthrobs.

James had been the subject of admiration, by girls in the outside world and the ladies in the house aren’t invincible to his charms, either. Tricia, Ann and Devon were perceived to have had a crush on James, especially Tricia who had been hanging out with him.

Often times, James would fall ill to the point that he needs to be rushed to the hospital. On one event, he nearly got forced evicted as one of his lung collapsed. Luckily, James made it back before the 24-hour rule expired, but he was confined to bed rest with oxygen supplementation until he was back to tip-top condition.

James may had been sickly compared to the other housemates, but his determination is strong as steel. Although he used to say that it didn’t matter to him if he was part of the Teen Big Six or not, during PBB Teen Clash’s final week, he showed that he had what it takes to win. The Pinoy housemates stayed outside the PBB House to show people that they deserve to be the Big Winner but James joined his friend to prove to himself that he deserves to win the competition.

2nd Teen Big Placer: RYAN BANG
Simpatikong Lider ng South Korea

Prizes: P500k from Jack N’ Jill, Sony VAIO Laptop

As soon as Korean housemate Ryan Bang stepped onstage, laughter spread like wild fire. Ryan is this season’s resident comedian with his antics and accent. No matter how stressful the day is, no argument can make him burst into flames nor a task that can make him frown.

Only two things can make Ryan’s tears roll- family and friends. On one event that the housemates spoke of their mothers, Ryan wasn’t able to hold his tears as he told his friends how much sacrifice his mom made for him.

The housemates, along with the audience, rolled in laughter after Ryan declared that feminine wash works well for his skin. His friendship, that can be miscontrued as a romantic relationship, with fellow teen-ternational Jenny brought laughter as they find pleasure in exchanging bashing remarks. And though they are fond of calling each other names in-the-name-of-fun, Ryan always looked after her.

On Father’s day, Ryan wanted to give his father a new pair of rubber shoes as he knew that his father wore the same old pair since he left Korea, 5 years ago. In order to do this, Ryan had to wash 10 white cabs in honor of his fatehr who is a taxi driver. Along with his gift, Ryan was also able to talk to his father via internet videocall where he expressed his longing for his family. Their emotional encounter broke into laughter as Ryan taught his father the teen clash housemates’ signature ‘chuva-choochoo’ chant.

3rd Teen Big Placer: DEVON SERON
Bubbly Promdi ng Cebu

Prizes: P300k from Jack n Jill, Sony VAIO Laptop

Devon grew up in a poor family in Cebu, but despite constant financial struggles, Devon managed to finish high school through hard work and a little help from friends.

Inside the PBB house, Devon was most especially close to the original villa girls Shey and Kyra. Devon is the last remaining original villa housemate in the house. She’s not as confrontational as her two other friends but she wouldn’t hold her tongue either, if she needs to speak up.

One of Devon’s memorable moment as a housemate includes her mom’s unexpected visit for the DH or Dakilang Hamon challenge, for her college education. The mother-daughter meet-up became one of the most emotional parent-child encounters as they came too close to being with each other, but had to stay away and supress their emotions for the sacrifice.

Another memorable highlight was her birthday party, after Big Brother decided that the housemates can only attend one party- a choice between attending Devon’s cosplay birthday bash or Tricia’s masquerade party. Devon’s birthday celebration scored a perfect attendance from the Pinoy housemates who loved her so much.

After a little getting used to her new set of friends, Devon is now unafraid to tell people what she think is fair even if she knew her words could sting. One memorable line she said was “I don’t need a cake!” when she thought Tricia intentionally barged in the room, while she was dressing up for the event.

In PBB’s final week, Big Brother gave each housemate three medals to give to co-housemates who they think deserves to be in the Top 3, including the Big Winner. With all honesty, Devon, wore the Big Winner medal to herself. And in the next few days, Big Brother asked her, along with Fretzie to camp out at the garden and prove to the audience that they do deserve the title.

4th Teen Big Placer: FRETZIE BERCEDE
Charming Angel ng Cebu

Prizes: P200k from Jack n Jill, Sony VAIO Laptop

Fretzie Bercede is both charming and an angel, inside and outside the Pinoy Big Brother House. At that time that there was a 10k check that could be given to any recipient known by the housemates, Fretzie opted to share this amount to neighbors whom she felt needed the money more than her family did. Unfortunately, the apartment housemates did not win the specific task.

Fretzie’s charm is undeniable. She won the hearts and friendships of Ivan, Patrick, Carson and Bret. The growing mutal fondness of Bret and Fretzie, could be seen daily sunrise to sundown from the simplest acts of sweetness, in conversations to the more physical display of fondness like piggy-back rides.

Big Brother tested the housemates’ adherence to the rulebook as he placed a cellphone inside the Big Brother house that Fretzie answered. Eventually, the teen housemates faced the consequence of their violation as they were lead to make a decision: In 30 minutes, Jenny would face forced eviction unless the teens make a decision. Either the Pinoy housemates choose a teen-ternational housemate to evict in place of Jenny or the teen-ternationals choose a Pinoy housemates evict in place of Jenny.

In the last few seconds of the longest-30 minutes of their lives, Devon and Ivan both decided to evict Bret instead Jenny. Fretzie stood by her decision not to have Bret forced evicted, even if Ivan and Devon fought for it, and even if Bret himself wanted her to make that decision.

Like Devon, Fretzie was one of the two housemates who were honest enough to admit that she deserves to be the Big Winner by wearing the Big Winner medal to herself.

Striking Stud ng Rizal

Prizes: P100k from Candies, Sony VAIO Laptop

Ivan Dorschner had been a headturner long before his housemate days even started. His good looks became a magnet to so much screams, pants and sighs; a fact that was proven the moment he set his foot onstage during the PBB Teen Clash kick-off.

Inside the PBB house, Ivan became the apple-of-the-eye of most girls. But Ivan wanted to prove that he’s more than just a pretty face. He stood up to be the original apartment housemates’ team leader, and eventually one of the active players among the Pinoy housemates.

Ivan could be considered as the original villa’s alpha male as he leads his team in tasks or discussions. Growing up in the west helped in settling issues face-to-face, or being able to speak-out with out cowering or sugar-coating like how he approached the Teen-ternational group after they offended the other team with their rap. He explained that they are not calling the Teen-ternationals as cheaters, but they felt cheated by the series of circumstances leading to losing the supposed-two slots for the Teen Big Night.
Audience, along with PBB hosts Mariel Rodriguez, were also surprised that other than entertaining by singing and dancing, Ivan is a knowledgeable and skilled boy scout teaching his housemates first-aid and various rescue-how-to’s.

In PBB’s final week where Devon and Fretzie camped out in the garden, trying to prove their worth of being the Big Winner of this edition. Big Brother gave the boys burgers and pizza to see if they would eat their long-time cravings , whereas the female housemates had to feed on basic staples. James and Ryan were itching to chomp on the good food, but Ivan convinced them to wait till Devon and Fretzie’s task would be over. Eventually, Ivan join the other two Pinoy housemates in their task, and consequently showed people that he was also worthy of the title teen big winner.

6th Teen Big Placer: BRET JACKSON
Indie Singer ng USA

Prizes: P100k from Candies, Sony VAIO Laptop

The Justin-Bieber/Zac-Efron look-a-like was born in the US, and moved to Dumaguete with his father 7 years ago. Bret Jackson stood as the Teen-ternational group’s leader and spokesperson.

He kept the team united, as they face the Pinoy group in weekly tasks and other challenges. At events that the group would lose from the game, he would often give words of encouragement to uplift everyone’s spirit.

Bret is opinionated, and is very vocal with his feelings. At the time that the Teen-ternational housemates won the 3 slots to the Big Night, and the Pinoy housemates asked for a rematch with their infamous and offensive rap, the teen-ternational housemates took offense. Though close to crying, Bret spoke in behalf and in defense of his group.

His overwhelming love for his friends had been revealed to be rooted from his traumatic childhood as he was physically abused by his mother who had drinking problems.

In the absence of blood-related relatives while he was in the orphanage, Bret confessed that he found strength in friendship provided by the other orphans and friends he made throughout the years.

Bret is also known for his musicality. His passion for music lead the Teen-ternational group win over the Pinoy housemates in one performance. During the Big Goal Concert, Bret was one of the active memers of the group who helped in planning the event. He composed 2 original songs, and another song which was co-written with James.

Though Bret maybe of the same age as the rest of the gang, his maturity stands out through his understanding and acceptance of issues, and how he decides for himself and for the group.

He finds his strength in friendship, but friendship likewise is his weakness. He is easily hurt when the people he trusted would take their friendship for granted, or would betray their relationship. Otherwise, Bret is a friend who would offer himself as shield for the people he cares for.

In PBB’s final week, all but one housemate decided they should camp outside and prove that they are worth the Big Winner Title. Bret’s stand is they had undergone several tasks and challenges for the audience to weigh their worth, camping outside on a cold and rainy night won’t prove anything. So instead of joining, Bret asked Big Brother what he could do to make the rest of the housemates go back inside the house.

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