Jessy Mendiola, Torn Between Two Lovers?

Gimik 2010 star Jessy Mendiola, though loveless in real life, is caught between her two leading men in the latest Your Song series, Franco Daza and Lance Christopher.

When asked if she was faced with such dilemma in real life, Jessy enthusiastically answered, “Haba naman ng hair ko kung nangyari yun sa totoong buhay. Pero if I were to choose, syempre kung sino talaga ang tinitibok ng puso ko yung ang pipiliin ko.”

Though she has no experience in being involved in a serious relationship, Jessy knew that being in a commitment entails sacrifices and responsibilities, and so she rather not think of getting into a relationship at this time. “Mag-focus muna ako sa sarili ko. Kasi darating naman ang tamang panahon sa mga ganung bagay,” Jessy shared.

This Sunday on ‘Your Song presents Gimik 2010’, Lance expresses his love for Jessy, leaving Janeena hurting. With Lance’s confession, Jessy is in deep thought as she analyzes if he still loves Franco or if she’s ready to entertain a whole new love.

Who will win Jessy’s heart? Find out in ‘Your Song presents Gimik 2010’, every Sunday on ABS-CBn after ASAP XV.

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