A Big Twist Unfolds on ‘Agua Bendita’

ABS-CBN's top-rating fantaserye, Agua Bendita will pour more excitement to the televiewers as one of its major twists blasts off this week.

After suffering from so much miseries and unjust treatment because of her physical defect, Agua will now finally experience having a normal life in her twin sister’s human body. On the other hand, Bendita will have to bear all the consequences of living in Agua’s body resembling water.

“This is really a must-see week of Agua Bendita. I’m sure everyone will be surprised and excited how this swapping will affect the lives of the characters and the people around them as well,” said Malu Sevilla, one of the directors of the mentioned series. She also added that this transformation on Andi’s character is another big challenge for the young actress and Sevilla is glad that Andi has been doing well on her first lead role.

Watch how Agua and Bendita will cope-up with their new situation and what will happen to their budding love affair with Ronnie (Mateo Guidicelli) and Paco (Jason Abalos). Catch these exciting episodes in Agua Bendita weeknights after TV Patrol World on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.

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