Marc Abaya, Yeng Constantino and Kitchie Nadal Rock Out on ‘Us Girls’

Iya Villania, Chesca Garcia-Kramer, and Angel Aquino are serving the hippest and hottest in the music world on “Us Girls” this Thursday (June 3) on Studio 23.

Rock star Marc Abaya will strip off his clothes to show his other passion aside from music, the martial arts Muay Thai.

“Music Uplate Live!” hosts Yeng Constantino and Tutti Caringal of “6cyclemind” will then wake up earlier than usual to bare their cool music gadgets.

“Us Girls” will also show a day in the cool and chic life of Myx VJs Janina and Chino, followed by an exclusive tour around hit band Spongecola’s crib.

Also catch the jamming with the most fabulous guitar-playing chicks in the nation, Princess Velasco, Iman, and Kitchie Nadal, who will give a crash course on Guitar 101.

Be in tuned with the best in the music world this Thursday (June 3), 9pm on Studio 23. Catch “Us Girls” on Facebook and at

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