Security Guard Does an ‘Indiana Jones’ on I Survived

He is no adventurer or a treasure hunter like “Indiana Jones,” but security guard Regalado “Gady” Pong emerged a hero last May 5 when he recovered the bodies of five treasure hunters who suffocated to death in Bataan.

Pong was with a friend, an ambulance driver, when they heard about the plight of the treasure hunters. With no one else to turn to, he volunteered himself to dangle from a rope 70 feet under the ground to get the victims.

Witness his unexpected adventure on “I Survived” this Thursday (May 27) on ABS-CBN.

After three successful retrievals, Pong came down again, this time unintentionally hitting the generator used by the treasure hunters. This caused him to drop to the ground and get hit by falling debris. Still, he managed to get up and even come back to get the fifth and last body.

Find out how a simple security guard mustered the courage to face harm for other people’s sake with Ces Drilon-Oreña on “I Survived” this Thursday (May 27) after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.

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