GMA’s ‘Langit sa Piling Mo’ Takes Flight Starting May 31

Beginning Monday, May 31, GMA 7 unravels the glamorous, colorful, and fascinating world of the airline industry with the much-awaited maiden flight of its latest primetime drama LANGIT SA PILING MO.

Starring the fresh and promising tandem of award-winning young actress Heart Evangelista and Starstruck’s first Ultimate Male Survivor Mark Herras, this original series follows the intertwined lives of two individuals bound by a common dream that is to fly.

Marj (Heart Evangelista), a strong-willed domestic flight attendant sees every flight assignment as an opportunity, not merely to travel, but more importantly, to search for her long-lost siblings who were taken away against her will.

Despite having several admirers, she was never really serious about finding the right man, not until she reunites with her family and gathers them under her family’s rundown home she is currently rebuilding.

But then, Marj meets Rigo (Mark Herras), the endearingly handsome but juvenile son of the owner of Eagle Airways, the airline company she works for. Rigo is engaged to be married to Aurora (Katrina Halili), an insecure and spiteful woman belonging to an influential family in Cebu.

Quite unexpectedly, Rigo becomes a catalyst in Marj’s constant search for her siblings, while Marj, on the other hand, enlightens Rigo on the painful realities that confront his life (including the fact that Aurora has been cheating on him all this time).

However, in the midst of fulfilling their personal destinies, a deep and dark secret that apparently involves a murderous incident involving both Marj and Rigo’s fathers suddenly resurfaces. Such revelation will reignite the tension between the two families and will ultimately make Marj and Rigo question their feelings for each other.

How much longer does Marj have to wait before she can finally be with her family again? In the event that she does, will she be pleased or be surprised by the changes that would greet her? Can Rigo find enough fortitude to do the things that will genuinely make him happy? In the end, what with all the turbulence that surrounds them, will Marj and Rigo reach their intended destinations together, or apart?

Aside from Mark, Heart also has Brazilian hunk Daniel Matsunaga and Survivor Philippines’ first Sole Survivor JC Tiuseco as her leading men in the story. Completing the star-studded cast of LANGIT SA PILING MO are Maritoni Fernandez, Sylvia Sanchez, Ricardo Cepeda, Joonee Gamboa, Say Alonzo, Marky Lopez, Jay Aquitania, Ryza Cenon, Carlo Gonzales, Joanne Quintas, Arci Muñoz, Soliman Cruz, Philip Lazaro, Evelyn Vargas, featuring Mr. Tonton Gutierrez, and in very special roles Sheryl Cruz and Rey “PJ” Abellana.

Directed by Gil Tejada Jr. and originally written by Senedy Que, LANGIT SA PILING MO has fittingly chosen the spacious and bustling expanse of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 as its main location for this heartwarming tale about people trying fulfill their destinies. Aside from offering an exclusive peek into the intriguing world of traveling and flying, the program will also feature many of the country’s famous tourist destinations giving it a local dash of flavor.

Meanwhile, GMA 7, under the supervision of creative consultants Jun Lana, Aloy Adlawan, and RJ Nuevas, has sought the expertise of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, the Manila International Airport, and professional cabin crew instructors to ensure that proper guidelines on aviation and in-flight services are followed all throughout taping.

Witness another first in Philippine TV history and be part of this one of a kind journey as LANGIT SA PILING MO takes off this Monday, May 31, before 24 Oras.

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    True Love Never Ends

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