Second Trip of ‘Biyaheng Tototo’ this Sunday on GMA

For years, Filipinos have been clamoring for political change. A day before they elect the country’s 15th President, BIYAHENG TOTOO returns to television, bringing with it the journey of endurance, of resilience and of hope that the next leader of the country will take Filipinos to a brighter tomorrow.

While candidates make the usual promises, 10 journalists embark on a unique mission around the Philippines, traveling to places which have the most pronounced conditions of poverty, seeking what forgotten Filipinos really need from the country’s next leader – all captured in a travel journal.

In 10 emotionally-driven stories, BIYAHENG TOTOO reveals what it’s really like to be poor in one of the poorest nations in the world. This special compilation will awaken spirits and the will power to do something for the kids who go to bed with empty stomachs, parents who are grieving the untimely death of young sons, an elderly woman who lived all her nights in darkness because they never had electricity, students who risk life and limb to go to school, families who survive through the years relying on the blessing from heavens, mothers who are forced to sell their flesh and soul to put food on the table, and a village struggling to remain decent amid inhuman conditions.

Depicted in the travel journal are dreams and hopes that will be the benchmarks of the next administration’s success. These are clear calls to action personally written by citizens to the next President of the Philippines.

Take a second trip of BIYAHENG TOTOO, with Mel Tiangco, this Sunday, after Show Me Da Manny – only on GMA Network.

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