Andi Keeps Her Distance from Matteo

One will steal something important and a big revelation will unfold on this week’s Agua Bendita on ABS-CBN.

Since the feud between sisters has not yet ended, Bendita (Andi Eigenman) decides to hurt Agua (Andi Eigenman) and take the person she cares for, Ronnie (Mattero Guidicelli). Since Ronnie has no idea what Agua looks like, Bendita steals Agua’s healing tears to help Ronnie see again, making him think that she is Agua. Ronnie finds out that Bendita is hiding her true identity and at the opening of a new resort, Bendita shows Ronnie what Agua really is, a being made of water. Seeing Agua for the first time, he is scared . In turn, Bendita’s twin sister dashes off. Agua determines that it would be best to keep her distance from Ronnie. When Agua leaves Ronnie, she meets Paco (Jason Abalos) in the forest.

In one interview when asked if Matteo would ever consider dating Andi he simply stated, “Hindi ko po masasagot yan ngayon because Andi and I are close friends as of now, but I’m not closing my doors para sa mga possibilities na pwede pong mangyari.”

More revelations will unfold as the rift between Agua and Bendita intensifies. How will this affect the relationship that Agua has with Ronnie and how meeting Paco could change her life? Don’t miss Agua Bendita, weekdays after TV Patrol on ABS-CBN.

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