Karen Davila Reveals the Perks of Being a President

Despite the heavy responsibilities and the small salary of being a president, nine aspirants have been desperately vying for this post.

Join Karen Davila as she discovers the special privileges that come with the presidency to explain why many people want to be president this Tuesday (April 27) on “The Correspondents.”

Though the president’s monthly salary is roughly P60,000, the Office of the President annually receives P6 billion for its Priority Development Assistance Fund. The president also gets to travel to different countries for free and live with his/her family in the Malacañang Palace where they are surrounded by household staff and presidential security guards.

Apart from these perks, the president also is the most powerful person in the country. The president serves as the chief executive of the government, the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, and has the power to appoint people in the government.

Get a glimpse of what’s inside the Malacañang Palace and find out more about the duties and “perks” of being a president in Karen Davila’s report this Tuesday (April 13) on “The Correspondents” after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN. For the latest updates on “The Correspondents” and other Kapamilya programs, visit

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