‘Biodiversity: An Earth Day Report’ on Born to be Wild Tonight

Born to Be Wild airs an Earth Day special episode tonight.

Earth Day is being commemorated all over the world. And in the Philippines, there are literally thousands of reasons to celebrate. The country, which has been called a “mega biodiversity” haven, is home to countless plant and animal species that can be found nowhere else on Earth. In celebratin of Earth Day this Thursday, BORN TO BE WILD presents “Biodiversity: An Earth Day Report.”

Doc Ferds and Kiko travel to the heart of the jungle for some surprising discoveries. Little do most people know that the plants that are often taken for granted may in fact hold the cure to some of the deadliest diseases. Doc Ferds joins scientists in their search for new cures.

Still in the country’s forests, BORN TO BE WILD showcases the macro world where even the smallest beings have a role to play in the ecosystem. Humans may often only step on them, but these tiny insects and critters make up a large number of the Philippines’ endemic species, those that can only be found in the territory.

No matter how rich or diverse, the country’s environment still faces many perils. While filming the lives of Dumagat natives at the foot of the Sierra Madre, the team encounters an ongoing forest fire – one that is manmade. How can the forests be saved from threats created by humans?

The second installment of BORN TO BE WILD’s Green Agenda report airs this Thursday after Saksi, only on GMA Network.

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