RP’s Sexiest Men 2010 – Nos. 86 to 90

A former PBB housemate, the frontal nudity king, a tv host, a veejay/model and the PBB Double UP 3rd big placer comprise our nos. 86 to 90 ranking of RP’s Sexiest Men 2010.

NO. 86: HERMES BAUTISTA – A contestant of Pinoy Big Brother Double UP. He recently appeared in the suspense mini-series “Isla.” He is a new entry in our Top 100.

NO. 87: MARCO MORALES – dubbed as the “frontal nudity king” for appearing nude in some indie films. His movies include Walang Kawala, Butas, Big Night, Booking, Heavenly Bodies and I Love Dreamguyz. He ranked 51st last 2009.

NO. 88: ROVILSON FERNANDEZ – Host, model and magazine editor. He currently hosts “Ang Pinaka” and “Dare Duo” on QTV-11 and “The Duke” on AXN Asia. He ranked 74th last 2008.

NO. 89: ALVIN ALFONSO – commercial model and veejay. He is currently one of the veejays of Channel V Asia. He is a new entry in our Top 100.

NO. 90: JASON FRANCISCO – a housemate and 3rd big placer of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up. He is currently seen in the realiserye “Melason in the City.” He is a new entry in our Top 100.

Nos. 91 to 100

91. Andre Endique
92. Jiro “Kenji” Shirakawa
93. Ivan Dorschner
94. Adel Tamano
95. Jaco Benin
96. Lem Pelayo
97. Rocky Salumbides
98. Markki Stroem
99. Michael Manansala
100. Alvin de Joya

The finals of RP’s Sexiest Men 2010 are ongoing. 16 male celebrities are left vying for the title. To vote, click HERE.

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