A Horror Road Trip on ‘I Survived’

On what should have been a simple road trip to a nearby fiesta, a 30-year old school employee came face-to-face with death, falling off a cliff from a wayward jeepney and almost bleeding to death.

This Thursday (Apr 22) on “I Survived,” find out how Allan Sta. Maria survived his nightmarish experience even when the doctors had already given up on him.

Sta. Maria, along with 14 other people, boarded a jeepney heading to a fiesta in Barangay Tolo, Batangas City. He sat on the roof of the vehicle with his friends and casually conversed when the jeepney overtook a truck and swerved out of control. The jeepney went through a small house before falling off the cliff. Sta. Maria got stuck under the sharp rubbles of the fallen house, bleeding profusely before slowly slipping into unconsciousness.

Find out how Sta. Maria recovered from his gruesome ordeal in “I Survived” with host Ces Drilon, this Thursday (Apr 22) right after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.

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