‘Babe I Love You’ Overpowered by ‘Titans’ at the Box Office

Clash of the Titans debuted immensely at Philippine box office with a P47.2 million haul in its first weekend overpowering the local film Babe I Love You which only had P16.5 million in its debuting weekend.

According to the latest report of Box Office Mojo, the Star Cinema romantic comedy “Babe I Love You” raked in a total of P16.5 million from the period March 31 to April 4, 2010 (April 3 to 4 in the Philippines since its Holy Week weekend) shattering Shalala’s estimate on Paparazzi last Sunday that the film had a first day earning of P12 million.

Running in third place is the critically-acclaimed animated movie How to Train Your Dragon while placing fourth is Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Placing Fifth is The Diary of a Wimpy Kid which had a debut gross of P1.95 million.

The other Star Cinema Movie, Miss You Like Crazy, is no. 9 and it already raked in P142.9 million in 6 weeks. It was still showing in 20 theaters while Babe I Love You premiered in 70 theaters nationwide.

Here’s the Philippine box office tally for the opening weekend of March 31 to Arpil 4, 2010 by Box Office Mojo (premiering movies are highlighted in yellow):

TW LW Movie Weekend Gross Gross-to-Date Week
1 N Clash of the Titans P47.2 M P47.2 M 1
2 N Babe I Love You P16.5 M P16.5 M 1
3 1 How to Train Your Dragon P9.1 M P43.5 M 3
4 2 Alice in Wonderland P2.81 M P135.8 M 5
5 N Diary of a Wimpy Kid P1.96 M P1.96 M 1
6 3 The Book of Eli P1.32 M P17.84 M 3
7 6 I Love You Phillip Morris P0.89 M P3.18 M 2
8 Perkins’ 14 P0.79 M P3.38 M 2
9 4 Miss You Like Crazy P0.59 M P142.9 M 6
10 N Possession P0.59 M P0.59 M 1

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