‘Babe I Love You’ Earns P65.48 Million in 9 Days

Box Office Mojo has released the box office report in the Philippines for the weekend period of April 7 to 11, 2010 and the Star Cinema movie "Babe I Love You" raked in a total of P54.48 million in two weeks.

Although it had a rough start when it debuted last April 3 with the presence of the monster Hollywood movie “Clash of the Titans”, it was able to gain momentum on its second week. It’s opening weekend earnings was only P16.5 million but last weekend of April 7 to 11, it was able to amass P32.64 million making a two weeks total of P65.48 million at the box office.

The US website box office mojo is still the only source of box office results in the Philippines and their reports are on weekend basis. That’s why the period covered last week was March 31 to April 4 because they always start the tally in a Wednesday when most films are in their debut. The end of the period is always Sunday because that’s the last day of the weekend. However, it’s Holy Week weekend in the Philippines on March 31 to April 4 so the screenings in theaters began on April 3.

This said, there were NO CHANGES in the box office report of the films “Clash of the Titans” and “Babe I Love You” for the said period. Clash of the Titans STILL earned P47.2 million and Babe I Love You STILL earned 16.5 million on the said period. The grosses of the two films in their debuting weekend are CORRECT!

There are clamors to change the title to “Babe I Love You Earns P65.48 Million in 9 Days” instead of 2 weeks. Done. Although the report are based on weekly basis REGARDLESS if there are holidays or not, i understand that the fans would like to emphasize that the P65.48 million earned by “Babe I Love You” were only accumulated in 9 days. So the same goes with the film “Clash of the Titans” which earned a whopping P136.34 million in 9 days!

To this one commenter who uses various names but have only 1 ip address, i will not change the title of my previous post “‘Babe I Love You’ Overpowered by ‘Titans’ at the Box Office” or delete this article. There’s still nothing wrong with the article because the figures remain the same. I just made some clarifications on the dates; nevertheless, that’s the way it is.

The blogger has nothing against the film “Babe I Love You”, in fact, i already watched the movie. I just made a report that it was overpowered by Clash of the Titans when it debuted on the weekend of Black Saturday and Easter Sunday because that’s the truth.

Sometimes a local movie emerged victorious against a Hollywood film like in the case of “A Very Special Love”, “You Changed My Life” and “Miss You Like Crazy.” These films debuted at no. 1 in Philippine box office beating its Hollywood rivals. Pero Hollywood films pa rin ang MAS pinapanood ng mga pinoy and that’s the sad truth. This is the case of “Babe I Love You.” Mas pinanood ng pinoy ang “Clash of the Titans.” Based on the report of Box Office Mojo, Clash of the Titans earned more than twice the earnings of Babe I Love You.

Here’s the Philippine box office tally for the opening weekend of March 31 to Arpil 4, 2010 by Box Office Mojo (premiering movies are highlighted in yellow / Exhange rate: US $1 = P44.68):

TW LW Movie Weekend Gross Gross-to-Date Week
1 1 Clash of the Titans P63.66 M P136.34 M 2
2 2 Babe I Love You P32.64 M P65.48 M 2
3 3 How to Train Your Dragon P7.28 M P52.98 M 4
4 N Date Night P6.47 M P6.47 M 1
5 5 Diary of a Wimpy Kid P3.85 M P6.98 M 2
6 3 The Book of Eli P1.82 M P19.7 M 4
7 4 Alice in Wonderland P1.5 M P137.2 M 6
8 10 Possessions P1.36 M P2.27 M 2
9 N Everybody’s Fine P0.452 M P0.452 M 1
10 11 Green Zone P0.37 M P14.77 M 5

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