World Premiere of Charice’s ‘Pyramid’ Official Music Video

This is it! The OFFICIAL music video of Charice's carrier single "Pyramid" had its world premiere on Oprah's website today. Watch it here!

The music video begins showing Charice in some High School looking for her name at the Callback list from a Glee Club audition or something. She’s a little disappointed not seeing her name on the list.

Charice then takes the mic and sings in a huge empty theater her song “Pyramid”. Her featured guest, Iyaz, also makes a cameo appearance, sitting as the only audience when the YouTube singing sensation belts out the tune.

Bottomline: The music video is simple and low-budgeted but I like the concept which tackles humble beginnings. Forget the expensive special effects and glossy cinematography that we usually look for in a music video. Charice’s powerful vocals are enough to compel America and the world to buy her upcoming international album.

Watch the music video here:

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