PBB Hunks Paul Jake and Hermes Get Some Love and Pampering on ‘Us Girls’

Second Big Winner Paul Jake Castillo and fellow housemate Hermes Bautista get a well-deserved relaxation spree from “Us Girls” this Thursday (April 15), 9pm on Studio 23.

PBB Double Up housemates Hermes and Paul Jake will tour Manila for some pampering treats they won’t find in their native provinces.

Brothers JC and JR Intal will also switch sports while revealing more about their personal side. Basketball pro JC will try out volleyball while JR will display his dribbling and shooting skills.

Finally, fashion savants should not miss the face-off of celebrities who have worn similar outfits in events or at the red carpet. Get in touch with other “Us Girls” fans at or on Facebook. Also visit or follow abscbndotcom on Twitter for the latest on ABS-CBN programs.

Get double the fun and the fashion on “Us Girls” on its new timeslot every Thursday, 9pm on Studio 23.

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