Maichel Fideles ‘Courageous Lakan ng Samar’ is the 16th PBB Teen Housemate

One of the originally chosen housemate, dubbed as the "Dependent Darling", needed to have medical attention to address some health concerns that's why Big Brother replaced her with a male housemate who is a former bikini pageant contestant.

Since the housemate dubbed as “Dependent Darling” did not pass the doctor’s examination on Sunday, she was replaced by 19-year-old Maichel Fideles dubbed as “Courageous Lakan ng Samar.”

Maichel is from Calbayog, Samar and he was described by Toni Gonzaga as “matipuno at malakas ang dating.” He is a freelance model and a contestant of various bikini pageants. He occasionally win in such pageants which is also one of his sources of income.

Maichel entered the big brother house last night and he joined the group who stayed in the “Villa.” He was given a task by big brother that he will be allowed to speak only if his fellow housemates could guess his name and its correct spelling. In less than 1 minute after entering the house, he failed his task.

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