Baby James Endorses Villar

In one campaign of Sen. Noynoy Aquino in Bacolod, Baby James uttered on the microphone "Villar!"

As reported by TV Patrol World and Showbiz News Ngayon last night, a clip featuring Baby James in the arms of her mom Kris Aquino during the campaign of Team Noynoy in Bacolod was shown. It happened onstage while Kris is convincing the people to vote for her brother Noynoy. When she gave the microphone to her son Baby James and expecting him to say “Vote Noynoy”, the 2-year-old celebrity uttered “Villar!”

The incident is now going rounds in text messages and social networking sites. Kris Aquino confirmed that it really happened.

“Yes, it’s true! He said Villar but not Vote Villar!. It’s ‘Vilyay’ to be exact. May times talaga na parang inaasar ni Baby James ang Tito Noy niya at sinasabi ang names na ‘Vilyay at ‘Erap’ Nung rally sa Bacolod, totoong kinuha ni Bimby [her moniker to Baby James] ang mic at on stage ay sinabi nitong ‘Vilyay!’ Baka dahil pagod na sa maghapong rally that time kaya nagpaka-naughty,” she said.

Baby James is currently seen in the primetime soap of her mom “Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo” where he plays a minor role.

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