Didi Benami Voted Off from Idol

Didi Benami sang "What Becomes of a Brokenhearted" for the last time in a bid to convince the judges to save her...

But the judges chose not to use the power. Didi Benami is eliminated (CLICK HERE TO WATCH HER PERFORMANCE).

Andrew Garcia was able to avoid the bottom three. It looks like his “best performance ever” last night earned him a lot of votes. I agree with the judges. His take on Chris Brown’s “Forever” was fresh and miles better from his previous performances (CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO).

The other contestants in the bottom three were Tim Urban and Katie Stevens.

Usher, this week’s mentor, performed with from the Black Eyed Peas. Second American Idol Ruben Studdard and P. Diddy also performed.

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