Chalk Magazine Picks 10 Hot Boys of Summer 2010

With Coco Martin as the hottest boy of summer for 2010, check out the remaining 9 in Chalk's list.

Andre Endique, 19
Host/Commercial Model

Mikael Daez, 22
BS Management Student, ADMU

Jaco Benin, 19
OB Montessori College Student, Singer

Angelo Cacciatore, 21
Model, Dancer

Renzie Ongkiko, 21
TV Host, Model, Athlete

Completing the list of 10 are Thou Reyes (23, Nurse/Actor), Rex Espineli (21, Nursing Student/Actor/Model), Gino Verona (23, Architecture Grad/Model) and Luciano Lopez (21, Sales Executive/Model/Actor).

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