Nora Aunor wins Best Asian Actress of the Decade at 2010 Green Planet Movie Awards

Nora Aunor

Our very own Nora Aunor topped the Best Asian Actresses of the Decade poll for the 2010 Green Planet Movie Awards in Los Angeles, California.

The country’s one and only superstar garnered the most number of votes in the category 10 Best Asian Actresses of the Decade of the 2010 Green Planet Awards. She was selected by movie viewers and online voters from more than 100 countries.

She accepted the prize in behalf of the other 9 Asian actresses who made it on the list including Zhang Ziyi (China), Gong Li (China), Maggie Cheung (China), Nae Yuki (Japan), Angelica Lee (China), Hye-Soo Kim (Korea), Yaqing Jin (China), Yoon-jin Kim (Korea), and Rinko Kikuchi (Japan)

“In the past years, I was not as active in the movies as I had been in the previous decades. This recognition must also be your appreciation of my lifework in the field of cinema,” Nora said during her acceptance speech.

She also said she hoped the recognition would “bring further world attention to Philippine cinema.”

“Moreover, I am happy that this award could bring a lot of joy to the movie lovers all over the world who voted for me, especially to my fans who believe in my talent and love me unconditionally. I couldn’t thank them enough for standing by me through all these years,” she added.

The Green Planet Movie Awards recognize Hollywood’s and Asia’s finest films, actors and filmmakers while raising awareness about the environment at the same time.

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