‘Avatar’ and ‘Mother’ Top the 2010 Green Planet Movie Awards

The Korean suspense film--Mother--and the top-grossing Hollywood movie of all time--Avatar--were the big winners at the Green Planet Movie Awards 2010.

Green Planet

Here is the complete list of winners for the 2010 Green Planet Movie Awards:


Environmental Film of the Decade

* An Inconvenient Truth

Best International Environmental Film

* Earth (Disney Nature)


Humanitarian Film of the Decade

* Hotel Rwanda


Best Picture

* Avatar

Best Comedy

* It’s Complicated

Best Action Film

* Avatar

Best Science Fiction Film

* Avatar

Best Foreign Language Film

* Mother (Korea)

Best Foreign Culture Film of the Decade

* Slumdog Millionaire

Best Director

* James Cameron (Avatar)

Best Actor

* Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock Holmes)

Best Actress

* Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side)

Best Supporting Actor

* Matt Damon (Invictus)

Best Supporting Actress

* Penelope Cruz (Nine)

Best Male Entertainer appearing in a Movie (Decade: 2000-2009)

* Will Smith

Best Female Entertainer appearing in a Movie (Decade: 2000-2009)

* Jennifer Lopez

Best Music/Song in a Film

* I Want To Come Home – Everybodys Fine: Music/Lyrics By: Paul McCartney

10 Outstanding Asians in Hollywood

* John Woo (Red Cliff II)
* Ang Lee (Taking Woodstock)
* Hiroyuki Sanada (Lost)
* Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy)
* Yun-Fat Chow (Dragonball Evolution)
* Zhang Ziyi (The Founding of a Republic)
* Lucy Liu (Dirty Sexy Money)
* Jet Li (The Founding of a Republic)
* Jackie Chan (Shinjuku Incident)
* Rain (Jeong Jihoon / Jung Jihoon ) (Ninja Assassin)

10 Best Pictures of the Decade

* Chicago
* Moulin Rouge!
* A Beautiful Mind
* Brokeback Mountain
* Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
* The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
* Gladiator
* The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
* Slumdog Millionaire
* Avatar

10 Best Actors of the Decade

* Russell Crowe
* Tom Cruise
* Denzel Washington
* Morgan Freeman
* Matt Damon
* George Clooney
* Tom Hanks
* Brad Pitt
* Leonardo DiCaprio
* Johnny Depp

10 Best Actresses of the Decade

* Penélope Cruz
* Cate Blanchett
* Halle Berry
* Kate Winslet
* Jodie Foster
* Angelina Jolie
* Nicole Kidman
* Julia Roberts
* Sandra Bullock
* Meryl Streep

10 Best Filmmakers of the Decade

* George Clooney
* Peter Jackson
* Oliver Stone
* Martin Scorsese
* Tim Burton
* Ang Lee
* Quentin Tarantino
* Clint Eastwood
* James Cameron
* Steven Spielberg


Best Animated Feature Film

* Up


Best International Director (Asia)

* Joon-ho Bong (Mother)

Best International Film (Asia)

* Mother (Korea)

Best International Drama (Asia)

* Mother (Korea)

Best International Comedy (Asia)

* Crazy Racer (China)

Best International Action Film (Asia)

* Sniper (The Sun Cheung Sau) (Hong Kong)

Best International Thriller (Asia)

* M.W. (Japan)

Best International Actor (Asia)

* Joseph Chang (Prince of Tears)

Best International Actress (Asia)

* Ziyi Zhang (Forever Enthralled)

Best International Entertainer (Asia)

* Rain (Jeong Jihoon / Jung Jihoon ) (Korea)

Asian Cultural Ambassador of the Year

* Rain (Jeong Jihoon / Jung Jihoon ) (Korea)

Asian Cultural Ambassador of the Decade

* Jackie Chan (China)

Best International Film of the Decade (Asia)

* Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Wo Hu Cang Long) (China)

10 Best International Actors of the Decade (Asia)

* Hiroyuki Sanada (Japan)
* Tadanobu Asano (Japan)
* Min-shik Choi (Korea)
* Takeshi Kaneshiro (Taiwan/Japan)
* Byung-Hun Lee (Korea)
* Ken Watanabe (Japan)
* Tony Leung Chiu-Wai (China)
* Stephen Chow (China)
* Andy Lau (China)
* Yun-Fat Chow (China)

10 Best International Actresses of the Decade (Asia)

* Rinko Kikuchi (Japan)
* Yoon-jin Kim (Korea)
* Yaqing Jin (China)
* Hye-Soo Kim (Korea)
* Angelica Lee (China)
* Nae Yuki (Japan)
* Maggie Cheung (China)
* Gong Li (China)
* Ziyi Zhang (China)
* Nora Aunor (Philippines)


The Committee’s Choice awards are made up of numerous awards paying tribute to individuals who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to bettering the world through their exceptional efforts and social leadership. In addition to recognizing contributions made to motion pictures and entertainment, Committee’s Choice Awards for outstanding service to society in relation to the environment, peace and humanity will be awarded.

Environmental Filmmaker of the Decade

* Sasha Snow

Environmental Film Educator of the Decade

* Chris Palmer

10 Most Anticipated Films of 2010

* Alice in Wonderland
* Book of Eli
* Green Hornet
* Inception
* Iron Man 2
* Prince of Persia
* Robin Hood
* Shutter Island
* Twilight Saga: Eclipse
* Wall Street 2

Most Anticipated International Film of 2010

* Tetsuo: The Bullet Man

Cultural Ambassador

Yul Choi (Korea Green Foundation President)
Chester Chong (Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles President)
Sukhee Kang (Irvine City Mayor)
Jack Naito (SBD Group Chairman)
Koichi Nerio (Philanthropist)
Motoatsu Sakurai (Japan Society President)

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