‘Hot Mama’ Gets Even Hotter this Thursday Night

Eugene Domingo turns naughty and playful to get her man in the mood for love in SRO Cinemaserye's hilarious episode, Hot Mama, this Thursday night.

This Thursday, Lola (Eugene) is extremely disappointed because nothing happened between her and Randy (Wendell Ramos) during their honeymoon. To make matters worse, Randy leaves for Cebu and Lola is left home alone with a heavy heart.

Unknown to Lola, Randy simply needs time alone because he feels inadequate. He realizes it’s not easy to marry a sex therapist and he’s afraid to be criticized and graded by Hot Mama.

Lola, on the other hand, is desperate to get Randy in the mood for love, so she consults her cousin Mari (Maureen Larrazabal). They even compare notes and Lola is devastated because of her inactive sex life.

So, being the most in-demand, popular sex therapist, Lola uses her expertise to spice up her unconsumated marriage. She applies all her knowledge and skills to help her man.

Just when everything seems to fall into place for the couple, Randy’s friend Jury (Joseph Smisek) arrives to stay in their house.

Who is Jury in Randy’s life? How will Jury’s arrival affect the couple? Will Lola succeed in her plans? How will Randy deal with his problems?

Don’t miss Part 3 of Hot Mama on SRO Cinemaserye this Thursday, March 25, on GMA-7.

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