Korean Horror Movie ‘Mother’ Tops 4th Asian Film Awards

The Asian movie spotlight shone bright on South Korea as their horror film "Mother" captured 3 tropies at the 2010 Asian Film Awards including Best Picture beating Brillante Mendoza's "Lola."

The story of a mother who struggles to save her son from a murder accusation, also garnered Kim Hye-ja the award for best actress, Bong Joon-ho for Best Director, and Bong and Park Eun-kyo for best screenwriter.

The Philippines received three nominations this year courtesy of “Lola” by Brillante Mendoza: Best Editing, Best Director and Best Film.

Last year, our very own Gina Pareño won the AFA Best Supporting Actress for the film “Serbis.”

Here is the list of winners for the 2010 Asian Film Awards:

Best Film
“Mother” (South Korea)

Best Director
Lu Chuan, “City of Life and Death” (China)

Best Actor
Wang Xueqi, “Bodyguards and Assassins” (Hong Kong/China)

Best Actress
Kim Hye-ja, “Mother” (South Korea)

Best Newcomer
Ng Meng Hui, “At the End of Daybreak” (Malaysia/Hong Kong/South Korea)

Best Supporting Actor
Nicholas Tse, “Bodyguards and Assassins” (Hong Kong/China)

Best Supporting Actor
Wai Ying-hung, “At the End of Daybreak” (Malaysia/Hong Kong/South Korea)

Best Screenwriter
Parl Eun-kyo, Bong Joon-ho, “Mother” (South Korea)

Best Cinematographer
Cao Yu, “City of Life and Death” (China)

Best Production Designer
Alain-Pascal Housiaux, Patrick Dechesne/Lee Tian-Jue, “Face” (Taiwan)

Best Composer
Lo Ta-Yu, “Vengeance” (Hong Kong)

Best Editor
Lee Chatametikool, “Karaoke” (Malaysia)

Best Visual Effects
Yi Zeon-hyoung, “Thirst” (South Korea)

Best Costume Designer
Christian Lacroix, Anne Dunsford, Wang Chia-Hui, “Face” (Taiwan)

Special Awards:

Outstanding Contribution to Asian Cinema — Zhang Yimou
The Asian Film Award for Lifetime Achievement — Amitabh Bachchan
The Asian Film Award for 2009’s Top-Grossing Film Director — John Woo

Watch the trailer of “Mother” here:

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