Miley Cyrus – Parade Magazine Cover

Miley Cyrus is on the cover of Parade magazine.

Miley Cyrus shares with Parade magazine that she’s practically ready to burn all the “sparkles” and gauzy pink Disney Hannah Montana costumes. At the ripe, old age of 17 she’s ready to shed the garish G-rated pop-singer-by-night persona and fine-tune that pole dancing routine she debuted last year.

“As I’ve grown into it, I’ve grown out of it,” she says. “When I was 12, I thought, ‘I want to be famous all the time! I want everybody to recognize me!’ [Now] I can’t breathe looking like that anymore,” she tells Parade. “A friend came by the set one day and said, ‘You don’t look very happy.’ I said, ‘I’m feeling claustrophobic in all these frills…”I hate being thought of as a product,” she says. “I am not a doll, and people want to treat me that way… I’m older now. I have an opinion. I have my own taste.”

Miley stars in the upcoming romantic movie “The Last Song” based from the Nicholas Sparks novel. She plays a young girl who reluctantly spends the summer at her father’s home where she falls in love for the first time and finds healing after her parents divorce.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer of The Last Song

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